Autos, Autos, Autos and a photo #2

Alright, happy to hear that things are good. I knew you had said that you have been covered up and busy lately. It just popped into my head that I hadn’t seen you around for a while.


[Alaskan purple coming along great. Starting to thicken up and fill in

Inside planted 4 C4’s at the same time and 2 are the same and 2 are crazy different. Dropped 10 wks ago July 4th

Ugly Susan

This one buding and foxtailing

These 2 are the same

Two Jack Herer autos 8weeks

One got trimmed and trained and the other just some leaves off we’ll see the difference

3 Jupiter OG and 1 Black Hush


Hopefully it will start slowing down. The big push for schools to start back caused network needs to jump… Cant have people without internet… Lol​:+1::+1:we’ll see… I’m ready to be like… Partime… :joy::joy:


Awesome update brother, love that training. Work is definitely a PITA cutting into all of our fun time, I don’t have much spare time these days either my friend.

P.S Monkey’s Underpants

Good vibes, take care :v:

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Your growing quite a few plants I’m jelly.

Hey what’s that second picture of the Alaskan?
It looks like it’s going to have a nice big bud there good caylx to leaf ratio.

Glad @Bulldognuts checked in because I’ve been busy wrapping up getting ready for winter to and hadn’t checked in on you or some others.