Autos, autos, and more autos


Still growing great bud and my 2 year anniversary is around Easter. Here’s a pic of my next Amnesia Haze XL to be harvested… very big girl!! Yum :yum:


Thats going to the moon! Good luck @bonnie1 thats the new sears robuck tower, lol

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@ggc1962… I know right!! It’s like a rocket! Now waiting for the buds to get nice & fat… :grimacing::seedling:


how long are you in to flower?


Hold on and I’ll go check the date.


Oh my goodness that cola is gonna have to be tied in 10 spots by the time its done!!! I hope you post a pre harvest photo and post it!! :metal:

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Thats apollo 18!! lol

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how long in flower??


Her date is 1/26, so she’s gonna be ready in probably 2 wks…


I will take pics before & after harvest.

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8 wks or so… 1/26 is date germinated and my autos go into flower around 6 wks and I figure she’ll be ready by 4/26 hopefully… sometimes you gotta eyeball it… some of my autos grow big & small, same strain… I just wait till the end.

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what your grow area and lighting??


looking good bonnie, and good to see your still at it and having success…

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very nice


During the winter I use a back room that I have 2 tents in… one small and one large with 1,000 watt King Led lights and I have a very big tent in my garage, same lighting that I use in the summer, so I can grow more and keep that perpetual grow going. So far, so good… I use Fox Farm trio nutrients 5 gal bags.


oh, thats an auto??


Hey @ Ron330… yup still at it and really can’t imagine not growing. Plus my brother in law was diagnosed with cancer age 55, so I like to help him and my sister out when I can… I have 2 other girls growing plus a seed I planted yesterday. Getting ready for a busy summer :grimacing::seedling:

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Yup just autos in winter and it’s still cold here… yeah she’s big for an auto

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Prayers for your brother in law. Hope all goes well for him. NASA gonna pick that up on satellite! lol


Thanks a lot and I’m wondering when it’s gonna stop growing, enough already! :joy:

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