Autos are taking wayyy too long

Planned 4 autos in 12 inch pots, 2* Bruce banners and 2* gorilla glue#4
All at the same time
But after almost 3.5 months only 1 of them seems to be maturing well with buds others are just developing white hair and foxtails no real bud development.
Using 2*200 w led osram … Tent temp 30-32 deg cel… humidity:35-45%

I fear my plants won’t mature properly as they are taking wayyy too long…

PS: I’m a first time grower


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PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable)
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What strain : Bruce banner , Gorilla glue #4
Seed bank : seedsman
Method: peat moss based eurosoil blend
Vessels: fabric pots
PH of Water : 6-6.6
PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable : NA
Light system 2*200 watt led osram
Temps; Day 33deg cel, Night 31 deg cel
Humidity; Day, Night : 35-45%
Ventilation system; Yes, but only an exhaust fan ith a duct
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier : NA
Co2; No

33 is quite high
28 would be my max
They actually dont look bad
They will just be slow apparently. 3.5 months is not really long.
Consider 4 or 5 weeks veg plus 10 flowering and 15 weeks is almost 4 months.I have had them go several weeks beyond that.
I do think you need to reduce your temps tho.


That’s extremely long for an auto. I can sprout and flower a full sized photo in that timeframe


I agree that 3.5 months or 15 weeks is sufficient. But I have had autos go well beyond that.
Not all but a few.
Extreme heat can slow them down. 91 F is quite a lot for cannabis, and I said he needs to lower the temps.

“From another source”
Can cannabis grow in hot temperatures?
In unseasonable heat, marijuana and hemp plants can wilt, droop, curl and even stop trichome production . Overheated plants will also experience slow nutrient uptake and perspire too quickly.

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I have around 30 autos under my belt and only my last 3 have prolonged veg. I have a afghan hawaii auto on day 48 no buds yet. This is almost the longest I’ve grown before I just flip it. Just flipped an auto bag seed at day 50 hopefully I won’t have to flip this one

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One of the lights can be dimmed so I’ve dimmed it 50%. Thinking of increasing the night period. Although they are growing but super slow. I just wonder how one of them is doing so well and others are like this

Turn the light on full power please , you slowing down the roots zone , those plants are mature enough for the light full power now , crank it up and let them eat . Give them the full blast of light power and dobt turn it down , just adjust the plants .

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Adjust the plants how?? There is no space in the tent. Tent is 5 ft height and plants are over 6 ft tall…I’ve twisted and trained them in such a way that they barely fit

Never imagined autos to grow so tall indoors

Sativa strains is common for that , if you only have 5 feet , are they in flower yet ? :thinking: you can always top them and veg it out horizontially verses vertically . If you dont scrog a sativa in a tent , it will literally grow out your life no shit , i feel your struggle . Been there a few times .

It’s all sativa dominant strains. I’m having a real hard time, should I reduc the light cycle? Keeping full intensity

:point_up_2: agree, I run a lot of autos and a few went 16 weeks. I bank on 10-12 weeks after a 3.4-4 week veg :love_you_gesture:

Sorry to tell you u have along way to go yet at least another month or more

Welcome to the community , not uncommon for auto plants to run 14 weeks. You still have several weeks to go. Good luck finishing up

How close is your light and the intensity? I’m seeing signs of a little stress?? Your DLI should be around 50 and with the light so close, I would think your light distribution is focused only under the light and not spread out evenly across the canopy. :love_you_gesture:

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I also think the 91 degree temps in the tent are hurting the grow.


20% buds are touching the lights, and the light spread is only at the top as you said

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I’m a fan of super cropping but I usually do this before or right after the stretch. Are you around week 4 of flower? Tagging some help on Super cropping at this stage. @MattyBear @Myfriendis410 @AfgVet