Autos are on SALE! Whats your favorite?

So, just yesterday I was looking into getting some autos. Then today, BOOM! They are ALL on sale. Which is perfect. So, anyone have experience with the autos from this site? What are some of your favorites?

I grow autos Amnesia Haze,Northern Lights and Blueberry. I would have to say of those 3 Blueberry is a favorite. Just started a Bubble Gum and a OG Kush to be decided. All from ILGM

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What did you like most about the blueberry? I was thinking Northern Lights or maybe Zkittles? or…idk…Blueberry has kind of a low THC doesnt it? Any pics?

The flavor more so than the other 2 but that is just my opinion. Everyone has there favorite. I think @beardless prefers Northern Lights.

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@Deepsix actually bueberry was my favorite auto grow. Just a great plant. Smells great in the jar. Wife likes it. I don’t partake. Yes it is on the lower end of THC scale which is fine with her.
Nice dense compact plant 3.7oz after 2 wks cure


thats a nice plant

Ok sorry about that.

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I have 4 NL photos in the tent now.


I have quite a few from ILGM, doing my own storage, lol. I still need Northern Lights as it appears to be very popular

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I went ahead and got The zkittles. I kinda wanted it when it came out, then the sale ended, now its on sale again so i got em!

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@BigHuff2316 I just got my Zkittlez Auto seeds today!! Can’t wait to start them next round!

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