Auto's and super soil

I decided to do Auto Plants in Super Soil this fall. Going to see how big I can get an Auto to grow from seedling. The grow room should be finished here in the next three weeks, many new items on their way. It’s like a little kid on chirsmass day …lmao


I cant wait to see this! :grin: set to watch!

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Only thing I would suggest is starting in coco coir. Gives the auto a chance of spreading its roots to “hit the ground running” as they say. That’s how I get monster autos



hank you for that y friend. I have never grown in coco core but there is olways a first time … lol

I’ll tag you in my jouranl … ok ?



Grew two White Widow autos last season in super soil. I gave the roots plenty of space. They got huge for and auto. I let one go and super cropped the second. They were both about six feet tall and harvested 10 oz off of the two. Probably would have produced more if I didn’t have to harvest early because of bud rot. The untrained auto produced the most.


3 days ago I dropped a gg#4 auto, going to grow in 5 gallon fabric pot of super soil, going to bend and train and not top. First auto grow ever. ! :joy:

Good Luck with your auto @garrigan62

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@garrigan62 please do my friend! I hope you have a great day!:grin:

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Here ya go. I hope it he,ps in somr way for ya. If yoiu need any thing. Please tag me OK ?


Hey @garrigan62 I was wondering if you can help since you’re the the compost tea man :grin: I’m using only worm castings and molasses, my question is how much do I make for 15 gallons of water? Should I make a small batch like 3 gallons to dilute it for my 15 gallons? Thank you.

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Hey Beezy,

To 5 gal bucket Id add about 1 to 1 1/2ablespoons of molasses and make sure it’s unsulfrated or un sulfured molasses… ok
But you really don’t have to use the nolasses, it’t up to you.

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Thank you