Autos and Photos on 12/12?

Oh Guru’s of Ganja, Masters of Marijuana, and Cultivators of Cannabis…

I currently have an auto Blue Dream and an auto Bruce Banner both well into their flowering stage by about 2-3 weeks…
In the same tent I started 2 White Russian (photos) that are about 6-8 weeks old, somewhat bushy and about 20" over the pots.

MY PLAN was that I would keep the lights at 18/6 till the autos finished while the Russians got bigger
then flip the lights to complete the photos… HOWEVER

The wife tells me that we will be expecting “out of towners” the 1st week in AUG. and we need the tent done and packed away so they can use that room to stay in… (friggen guests)

My questions oh great ones are as follows…

Will it be ok to flip the lights to 12/12 now or will it hurt the autos?
Will the Russians be done by AUG to chop?

I might be able to relocate the Russians to a friends yard to continue but it will probably kill em as he can’t grow a fingernail let alone a beautiful plant

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You can but want get as many buds

I read that most of the THC production happens at dark time so i would assume the autos would be ok if not more potent with 12/12…no?
… I understand the yield of the russians would be less as they are not as big as the could be and were only topped 2 times and i hope the 8- 10 weeks I have to wrap things up is enough time but it would probably be more than if my friend kills em…lol

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You’ll be fine to make the switch to 12/12.
And your yield won’t be affected that much.
The autos won’t skip a beat.

They’ll probably be a little bit immature.


Mr. Ray:

You could purchase a carbon “scrubber” and keep your White Russians in a closet grow until they leave.

Had a similar challenge with some Runtz last Christmas.

Just sayin’

:shushing_face: :thinking:

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i was thinkin about the utility closet ( we are in a condo, no real room) but worst case is if they are too immature I will sneak em out and try the friend thing but would rather just do it myself… to keep the peace I waited till after the holidaze to start at “her” request so when she asked me how much longer I said we wouldn’t be having this conversation if you let me start when I wanted to…THAT.shut her down…lol

Whats crazy is I am not even sure of the russians sexes…they have no balls and i think they are old enough to know by now… the one i am almost positive is a female I cloned the cuttings when I topped “her” so I also have 3 clones that I promised to someone else…I WAS gonna flip one to check sex but I guess the mommas will tell me everything…how long till the reveal their sex…i usually only grow auto fems so this is new to me

Pics of the Russians? I typically only veg for around 6 weeks then flip i also only grow in a 4x2 so I keep my plants a bit smaller id say flip them I think you should be more than good by August imo depending on how long the Russians take for flower ive never grown those so im unaware of there flowering time


They can definitely be flipped now

fingers crossed they don’t grow balls…LMAO

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I’ll keep mine crossed for ya haha they should be finished up by the end of July but possibly could roll over into August just be aware and keep a close eye on them when time comes