Auto's - 40 Days In (Thoughts?)

Hi All,

First timer growing and have had my share of issues with having over watered being my main issue when they were in the seedling phase. These pics/plants are 40 days from having transferred them into my solo cups as seedlings. They are actually now finally showing good signs of recovering with growth/vegetation but again I originally put these seedlings in the soil on 2/12, so I’m wondering how much damage I’ve done to these based on where they are vs should be? Is it possible these still grow and flower ok?

Also, how are the leaves looking as I’m seeing some slight browning on the edges (see pics)
I’m watering about 7ml of water daily now with Calimagic. They are autoflowers so I’ve had my lights running 24 hrs at about 30" away but now wondering if I have a little light burn?

Thanks for any advice all!

They seem a little stunted, 40 days in they should be about 18” taller than that. Have you been ph’ing the nutrient solution going in?


I agree…they should be bigger. I have an Auto bigger than your girl and she is very young.


My first sentence mentioned how I was over watering them, so yeah they are definitely stunted:(

Will they be able to recover and does anything look off with the leaves in the pic I showed?

There’s going to be recovery period, but I don’t know how it might be affected being an auto. It’s wait and see, or plant new ones. Or both.

Personally I would let those ride and plant more. If they don’t shape up soon, I would toss them. I don’t have time to allow stragglers to take up space. Unless you have more time than I do. Lol. No offense.


I’m just trying to learn as much as I can from my first seeds so I don’t make the same mistakes as next…any thoughts on the leaves in my pics??? Trying to figure out if this is a concern, it’s only showing some light browning on some of the edges.

Have you PH’d your water going into that medium? Soil is 6.2-6.5
The condition of the leaves look like nutrient burn, or ph imbalance causing a lock out. Mostly nitrogen.
I’m HAF so I’ll call for back up for you.


I think it was, hmmm, @Kcdaniels? who grew “The World’s Smallest Auto” and had similar issues with his first grow. Ended up with a cola on his lone plant that he rolled into a spliff and smoked: said it was awesome haha!

The point is with autos if they stall out for any reason there’s no recovery. They are on a clock and when it says time’s up you are done. Now you know not to over water.


Did not see what light you have? 30 inches from a what? Must be a high wattage bulb that cost a lot to run to be at 30 inches? Your plant looks too small to need any fert. It does look a lot like light burn. also. Either way at 40 days old, you have the patience of a saint. If that is your only 2 plants, use a cheap 2-foot fluorescent or grow bulb, and place it close and only give water for a while. But, if they are 40 days old and a auto, I would set the cups outside in the sun .and start over. I am cheap and a 300-watt bulb , running 24/7 has got to cost you more than a 2 bulb / 2 foot fluorescent light setup that is great to start plants with and cheap to run… Thats just my opinion.

You’re correct, that was a long time ago!


Welcome ! I would go ahead and drop a couple more seeds For germination When they sprout get them in. Some seedlings Friendly soil. Just my thoughts. Good luck. Hope you get your auto back on track.

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