Autopots Vegetative Bright Yellow

I have a few grows under my belt… but this time I had an issue with the whole plant turning yellow
Still drinking nutrients and still pearky not sure I tried mainlining under ufo in my separate closet and then moved them to my tent and transplanted in firbe autopots under Quantum boards 480w on about 35 percent 20000 lumens and the deficiency creeped In thinking time to start again.
Any ideas?

What do you mean by auto pots?

And could you give a bit more info



Ppm of nutrients tds


Type of soil and nutrients being used

Anything other then transplant that may have happened to cause such massive bleaching

Autopots is for bottom feeding has a separate reservoir
Use Greenhouse powder feeding hybrid
6.0ph runoff was little high 6.6ph
18 hours on 20 000 lumen 50 cm away
Atami Coco Substrate 50/50 perlite 6.2 balanced
Also added calmag to try treat nothing

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So you are using these but with the clothe smart pots?

They look hungry to me.

Yes same 18l fabric

Have you used greenhouse powder before?

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Should I try fix them or restart I don’t want to suffer from loss of yield

What do you mean by you think it’s time to start again ?

Your res are all working properly on the Autopot system?

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There’s a good chance your going to stunt for a moment if they don’t get turned around

Yes I have on pervious grow but I was thinking maybe the light switch from UFO 90w to Quantum boards cause an issue

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Does auto pot use a water pump to move water ?

No it’s a gravity feed system

I add a pump to the reservoir and air to keep it moving.

They look bleached tho.

What water are you using and where are your boards dialed to?

If there is any inline filter make sure its clean.

Lights can take a bit for them to get used to

Do not start over they will bounce back. Just figure the solution.

I think @PharmerBob can help you as he knows this system.

I like to dip my toe in a little bit of everything

By chance is this first time using fabric pots with this system ?
See if I have this correct. The water with nutes Is absorbed from the bottom ?

Yes it’s a bottom feed system.

You have to water thru too until roots get to reservoir then let the system take over

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So if just relying on the system wouldn’t the water absorbed just wick away through bottom and sides of a fabric pot ?