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Issues or concerns I forgot.

The system comes with rubbery tubing, which is far more superior to the 1/4 drip tubing . Aquarium type air hose . Should you like me want to keep the pot away from the tank or extend the air hoses. Can be used for both.

I added a couple of in line shut off valve to the lines to isolate or do Maintanance. They also come apart instead of having to cut.

When you clean your tank every 2 cycles (or fills) minimum, clean the auto fillers and flush the tubes. I used clean water in tank and let them fill in a bucket. My tank sits on cinder blocks yes 2 to insure it won’t fall off.

Before you set you plants test your setup. Plants arnt needed. The fillers are trickery the first time and if you don’t do it right your tank WILL, flood your floor.

Every few day or at least once a week, until your comfort level gets there, pop the covers and Doug le check you pot level. The at there is no clogging. Mine level is just covers the hose.

And yes Level pots are a must.

Happy growing.

Did I also forget to mention you need some space to start clones . Pull them before you start flower. OR BUY SEEDS FROM ilovegrowing.



Checking in here. @Screwauger


Was it a significant/noticeable difference?


To me, the difference in the amount of growth. The stalk is more than 2x thick. The plants grew faster. I have the air on a timer it runs on and off during the lighting period,. It also increases the water uptake.

Is just short of a bubbler system vs wick system . No scientific proof, but I am guessing that it helps to keep from root rot.



Is it big differens on the plant in size whid airdome VS only soilmix same potsize?

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@Bubbelkush I personally have never run a comparison however; I know several growers who have and they claim it makes no difference. Many autopot users grow without the airdomes and have great results.

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Were can you found pot socks like mosscitonett whid strap i dont find in ebay,Amazon?

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I don’t use them, so not sure.


Were can i buy this pot socks find not in ebay,Amazon?
Look like white nett whid strap.


Hi everyone, first post here.

I have 30 double 8 liter AutoPots set up in three lines each line with its own reservoir for nutrients. Ec of 0.4, 0.8 and 1.0 for already rooted clones, mid vegetation and flowering. I don’t use air domes and my grow media is Coco peat with 10% pearlite.

The AutoPots are very convenient and trouble free. But there are problems but they can be avoided.

The plants can tolerate a lot of abuse but nutrient buildup and the waste that the plants excrete, they can’t. Not sure about this last one but included it here for comment. Plants poo and pee and this also builds up in the AutoPot tray.

Monitor the nutrient buildup by flushing with PH water and measuring the EC of the runoff. This also solves the other problem.

And as Nunder said use nutrients that at least 50% of the recommended strength.