Autopot's and More


120 watt cfl is pretty weak on light, not sure a high yield strain would matter in low energy space.


I am not against othwr lights but from what I read this was the right amount for the space 35 to 50 per sqft . if I am misinformed PLEASE tell me what to use instead!! I am open to all suggestions !!!


Ok, one more. I’ve been trying to find info on the average amount of time it takes for the aquavalve to go through one fill/dry cycle. Does it usually take a day? 2 days? 12 hours?

In my system, I’m going to be the reservoir & aquavalve, fill the pot’s tank as needed. I don’t want to do it too often, nor do I want to let the root zone dry out.

Also, there’s only an inch or 2 of water in the autopot tray, right?


Around 20mm of mixture in the tray. Not sure on time but its not that long, 3 plants on a reservoir can drink the whole 12gal res in 5 days. And that only from my experience. So of you do the math ot does get filled quite often per day. Can be up to 150ml/tray/hour or something if not more if you calculate this roughly


Unlike some documentation that states the autopot allows for wet and dry periods, I don’t find that to be the case.

As for your question @blackthumbbetty that depends totally on the stage of the plant. Mid veg to mid flower they drink a lot and often. The tray may not empty once in a day in early veg.

Since the “valve” operates by hydrostatic pressure, the little rubber gommet stays sealed for a period of time (not long a few minutes) once the tray level (valve floats) drop enough to no longer be supported by liquid. The “weight” of those floats and the hydrostatic seal are now working to unseal the stopper and allow more liquid through the valve. During rapid/strong growth (with just one plant) this may happen once or more per hour give or take. Goal is to keep as close to that 20mm as possible knowing that brief dry periods will only help


Basically… the roots at the bottom are always sitting in water/nutrient solution… it don’t dry and water… it’s a wicking system… so the plants drink whenever they want … you must understand that the plant will build air roots and water roots… so when you give them there own space they can flourish as one… that’s why so many people have a hard time top watering there plants… you only want to pour so much water through the pot , so its enough to water but the water actually pulls air through the pot as the water flows through… :wink:
More reading is necessary for you young grasshopper… @blackthumbbetty :wink:


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Why is this directed at me? I had a very specific question about water usage with the valve. I understand how a self-watering container works.

I was asking about the valve & approximately how much water it allows into the trays per day.

I do my reading, buddy. :sunglasses:


Lol… then it was me that misunderstood your question… no biggie… :grin:
So what your asking is how much water the plant drinks in one day?
That’s why I said no real way to tell unless your watching the main res , because at different stages of growth the plant will drink more or less… just depends… :wink:
But the roots are always sitting in water once they make it to the bottom of the auto pot…

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I’m trying to recreate an autopot usung myself as the valve. Lol! I was just trying to figure out approximately how much water, per day, the valve lets through to the pot.


Well if you don’t want to hand water your bottom tank , you could always get a fill valve for a swamp cooler or a toilet tank fill valve and just set it right where you want it… :wink:
I think the confusion here is that you think at some point that the bottom tray of the auto pot goes dry at some point… but It doesn’t… it constantly has water and nutrients sitting in it… the valve that fills it is triggered to ( on ) when water level falls to a certain point… but when this valve is triggered , there is still water sitting in the bottom tray , it’s just at a lower level… kinda like a swamp cooler… :wink:
So hopefully I answered your question this time…:grin:

If not… I’ll give another crack at it… :wink:



I was stoned one eve. Redundant. One evening I took a half gallon jug and a 4’ piece of wooden dowel and marked of the depths in the the res. Works well for an estimate of the amount of res material gone each day. Old yard stick likely better.

One plant in rapid growth veg and early to mid flower can go through about 1 gallon/day (gone from res).

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The point is, I plan on doing this by hand & am perfectly ok with that. Please, don’t try giving another crack at it, b/c you absolutely are not telling me anything I don’t already know. :grinning:

This is going to be a simple sip, which I have done a gazillion times over. However, I am going to also treat it like a bastardized autopot, adding an air stone to the medium & keeping my reservoir tightly controlled by my own hand.


It’s my first grow and I’m pretending to use autopots with following configuration:
My cabinet is 2,62’ x 1,24’. Height is 5,24’. Running 3 cob led 38w citizen. 2x3000k 1x4000k.
Easy2grow two pots interconnected, 15l each. (8,5 l should work better?)
Not using air dome (makes any difference?)
30l (8gal) reservoir (need more? I want less work as possible. Need water pump to move water?) I heard plants drink 4gal/5 days.
Is it okay to grow two different strains in this setup?
Regarding nutrients need less than recommended?

Thanks for any help. it is difficult to find information about autopots.

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I used autopot for 3 grows this yr. They certainly arn’t for everyone.

30 pot system up 6 *600 watt and 1 high bay led.

Problems. 1. If one single valve gets blocked or stays open , as they do because its a gravity feed system you end up with a massive flood. Happened a few times even adherring to the rules of the Autopot.

  1. If your medium is not course enough 70 perlite , 30 coco your medium can stay way to wet.

  2. people say us ethe airdome. I had 15 running on one side of the room and none on the other. the side without produced better buds.

There you go.


I have looked everywhere for this thread.

I had found a post with the double pots joined together here

But hey thanks for all the time and detail you put into this post. it took me a while to find it, but was right on time!

thanks …


Thanks for the input of your experience!

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If I wanted an autovalve, I’d have one. I do not want one. I am doing this set-up in a very specific way. It’s working splendidly. I do appreciate your concern, but I’ve got it.

NOWHERE did I ever say I want an autovalve. NOWHERE did I ever complain about not having one.

Not everybody grows the same way. Please, remember that.


Are you sure you don’t want an autovalve?

I’m just messin, plants looking really good nice work!

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So I read this thread and others back in September as my poor attempt at growing in “air type pots” the ones with the holes. Thin, troublesome and with 5 plants barley worth the trouble. It was my fault. Watering
, temps, bugs . Granted it was indoor a shed, and summer in California.

So I bought a 4 pot set up with tank, best value if you decide to add plants at a later time , on sale like 130. Look around, Amazon is not always the cheapest.

So following all the different threads here and elsewhere, this one was the most complete, some of the things I learned,
Using a 1200 day led both switches on 18 on 6 off
Coco with perlite 60 /40 Is king.
Air domes make a difference
Never use full strength nutes i ran 50 percent most of the time…
Had issues then discovered the need to Add cal mag to you nutes.
Yes it’s a slow grow this time as the shed has been cold. But still.
Had to buy a dehumidifier last week.
Week 2 of flower

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