Autopot's and More


Not sure if you are asking me but I will chime in.
I use the 1Pot system which comes with 3.9 gallon pots.
Unless you have a grow ROOM or a very large tent, the XL autopots are likely going to produce plants too large for your space, like monster plants, really.

I bought a two pot set up 1 res. 2 trays and 2 pots.
Stay away from the connexted pot system (easytogrow) as they do not work with cannabis very well as the plants are too close together.


Regarding the airstone at the bottom of the medium: it’s just in the bottom of the pot’s soil/promix/coco, and covered up with said medium? What does this air stone do, here?


Not exactly sure @blackthumbbetty but this is my theory:

Because the trays hold solution continiually, the pots sit in about an inch or more of solution, constantly. The airdome in the bottom of the pot allows aeration of this zone making it a pseudo hydroponic “system.” In my opinion, minus the air (and many people do not use them and have no problems per them) your roots run the risk of rot.

Otherwise, if none of this is accurate, the added air likely boosts growth.


What you see where is an inch thick root ball that was inside the whole air dome. My biggest AP plant had no airdome and just grew one plant without and it was all fine! But they do seem to love that extra oxygen !



Thanks for the answer. :grinning:


Very informative read @Screwauger.
Filled in some gaps for me.
I have the two xl system with the air domes.
Teansplanted 10 days ago. Just turned the air on low yesterday.
Thinking about turning it up.
I have plain potting mix with clay balls. Just feeding ph 6.2 ro water for now as the first water was with a light Seasol mix.
Thanks for the thread.
Happy growing…


Thanks for the tip Rob…


No problem!


Happy to contribute to those that love Growing Marijuana!!!


This will save me a bundle on shipping!! And is the tipping point in my decision… placing my order today :sunglasses:


Super news! @GreenThunder


I was about to give in and take the hit on the high shipping cost but decided to read through your post again, just to be sure this is the right system for me. I’m super excited to have finally made a decision. I’ll probably still do hydro/dwc but the autopot system will work better in the tent… and will get hubby involved again (he won’t touch hydro!) [We don’t have to tell him
it basically is] :wink:


Faux-hydro for the beau, he’ll never know!

Ok, I admit, I’ve been smoking purp haze scissor hash b a k e d


He thinks I’m watching the Hawks game in the bedroom while he’s watching the Raiders game in the lr…I mean it’s on but I have little idea what’s happening. Frequent Laughing Buddha and Grape Ape breaks have me happy regardless what’s coming out of the talking box, with plenty of other distractions around me
And yes… I’m b a k e d too :v:


Another air dome question: the actual blue air stone bits…what are they made from? Are they like aquarium bubble tubes, or like that flexible rubber tubing ?


The four “tubes” is what I think you are referring to. They are similar to drip line, they are rubber, porous and allow air to escape under pressure. The bulk of the air dome is a plastic dome. Hope this helps.


Thank you! I’m going to not use that, but make my own, kinda sorta. Nobody wants to ship me one w/o an exorbitant shipping fee, for some silly reason. Amazon won’t ship me one, at all.

I was just trying to see what material the bubble pipe was made of. So it’s plastic with small holes drilled into it, or is it porous all over like an aquarium bubble wand? Looks plastic with holes drilled into it?



The latter. It’s rubber and porous all over like an aquarium bubble line.


I am a noob but a failry accomplished Gardner not that this first grow will be easy. My plan is to use a 2x2 tent with a cfl 120 and use 2 pot system. I would rather use clay than the other materials because I am familure with the clay pebbles. Unsure of how that would work. I was thinking of trying a high yield hybred from seed. I have read till my eyes are falling out on all this stuff and every post here. I am still feeling a bit unsure. I am wondering about heat first. I am concerned that the cfl may not put off enough heat since I will be in a basement that stays about 50 f. Also the charcoal scrubbers how effective are they really? I have a couple venting options but want wonder what I am dealing with having not grown before. I have seen and smelled a grow before but it was a few more than 2 plants so just not sure. Opinions?