Autopot's and More


I cant seem to find them in canada… Autopot usa does not ship to me. Ill do some more search and call my hydro shop because my green poison roots are starting to blow out at the bottom real bad lol


I think I am not understanding your first pot sock post. Are you advocating that folks should get them, or should not get them? LOL we got a comma problem in there I think, or I am just too anal.


Having a hard time explaining myself this morning haha im baked sorry, i am advocating that people should get them lolll thats the french guy trying to explain his tought :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Oh I had a local guy once “Treaten to trow me in the canal” so I can understand the french angle of subject, verb reversal or whatever it is. lol No problem but I first read it to mean you got them and they were a waste of money/time or something hahahaha. It’s already been a long day, bring on the freakin snow day!! @Blasting


@Screwauger thanks what are the pot socks lol


Would be nice to have an autopot canada lolll hope they come out with that soon


Just out of left field here, what size tubing and fittings are they using? Something you could interchange with pex or any style and sizes you could get from home improvement store?

I only ask because of how I operate. I may visualize one thing, and completely miss something or change my mind once I have it front of me. In the event that happened, a simple trip to Lowe’s or the depot can solve just about everything? Or they’re using proprietary type stuff that’s hard to find?


They come round or square from autopots and they fit on the bottom of the pot as insurance to kepp the roots from escaping the tray and getting into the valve.


@Blasting can you purchase from UK vendors?


I found Uk vendors on the bay of e but shipping is stupid lol


1/4" supplies for drip irrigation or similar will work. I bought these fittings and such


Awesome thanks!


Hey thanks for posting this…I have lots of that stuff left over from my summer irrigation that I installed for me and my neighbor :sunglasses:


I’m not the creative type @dbrn32 but it would not take much imagination to improvise the entire AP system albeit for the aqualvalve which does have quite a unique function. The res is nothing more than a 12+ gallon kitchen trash can easily had at Lowes etc and the top hat grommet that fills the hole in the bottom of the res is also easy to find. I bought some filter mesh and made my own filters for the reservoirs too. From there it’s basically devising a tray that would encompass the aquavalve (which sits in the nute solution).


I could see that. For the price of them not sure it would be worth the hassle of tracking everything down from my perspective. Was looking more along the lines of like you were talking, wanting to add valves or replacement part type stuff.

I did see that multiple outlets seemed to offer the valves for around $20 for anyone that wanted to give it a try. I just have my hands into too much other stuff.

On a different note, I may have found a cheap aero diy option that could be used for starting plants. Can’t remember if I already posted or not, but I’ll grab link anyway.


Here you go @Screwauger


Cool. Not sure but you may have posted it because I have watched it lol I like that setup and will eventually be getting into cloning down the road a piece @dbrn32


Probably. It’s labeled as a cloner, but I think if you use something like rapid rooters or rockwool you can start in them as well. As long as you get a little bit of splash up to it anyway. Probably would be best to get opinion of hydro guys though.


These are what some growers are using in AP’s with goal of just water in the res, all nutes in the pot.


Which AutoPot system do you use, i.e., the XL with 6.6 gal pots?