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I think you would want to keep it below 73 degrees or so. If it is anything like hydro.


Ok then I will definitely have to come up with a plan because here in the summer it’s hovers around upper 90s all day :relieved: where is a good place to look at a “chiller”



Wouldnt it be easier to grab an A/C? That what I got for my room where my tent is. 10 000 btu A/C should do it I guess. I grabbed one brand new for 80$ around xmas with all the deals, my guess is find an used one


Yeah I was just thinking I’m going to have to install a window unit and that would alleviate the chiller :grin:



Atleast youll benefit from that AC yourself for about same price hehe!


Being in the northeast, there are a few weeks a tear where temps are an issue in my basement but I was able to manage that with frozen 2 liter bottles (3 in, 3 out and back into freezer.)

On that same note, this winter grow in my basement found the median temp to be about 75 (Furnace is 10’ from my tent and res). No ill effects on a res running at 75.


My reservoir goes from 65 to around 78-80 without issues too atm. I actually didnt even think about that until you guys asked lol


I was pretty obsessed about it when the heat got bad this past summer but the humidity was worse. Had to quick invest in a dehumidifier to protect my buds/colas. I do feel for @Rugar89 and folks in the real warm climates and of course, nothing can top @Laurap growing through a hurricane in Texas.


I started growing in september and it was really bad without an AC and im nowhere near florida hahaha so yeah I feel you guys


Ultimately, we will get our girls to harvest if we have to buy used refrigerators and run them with the doors open GrowingMarijuana


I have a 10,000 BTU portable for the grow room, but still get temps in the tent in the 80s. It will be in the 100s here for 4 months. I have no doubt I will need the AC and a chiller.


Damn, how big is the room and how much lights in there? Kinda worried my 10k btu wont do it now loll


No doubt haha!


The room is about 20x12. Its a older house with no AC, just a swamp cooler. Had one tent last year, and now have two. A friend gave me a window AC unit that might install in the grow room. Haven’t really looked at it yet to see the BTU, but think it will work better then the portable. We also had another portable running last year in the other end of the house. Electric bill was $450 a month. :weary:


Yeah, and I tought growing my meds would be cheaper!!


A few questions. One is this a good price and other then medium and nuts would i need anything else? I have to hydrop set up i just built for $46 on a pinch but thinking maybe for my birthday or for Christmas this year going with something like this. Unless it is a crazy good deal then I might sweet talk the husband. LOL


Okay guys, first advice that might be really worth it, please dont be like Blasting and get pot socks :laughing: save yourself from the anxiety of breaking roots.

Edit : Of course I meant first advice from me that might be really worth taking in consideration. There are plenty of great advice in this thread already :stuck_out_tongue:


I do think that is a decent price. I paid 140 I think for the same system direct from autopots usa.

As for the “anything else” that is hard to project. You may need extra tubing depending on your physical space and where you locate the res. ($10)
I found it handy to buy an assortment of fittings (elbows, T’s, stright connectors and shut off valves) for my tubing allowing me to get creative as to how I run the tubes and where I can shut them off ($5)
I have a back up set of tubing that matches the set in use in case of a clog or other issue, can swap out the tubes and keep the nutes flowing.
I could go on as I think there are other items that could supplement such as buying extra root control discs and despite @Blasting’s latest post, I do use Pot Socks and find them an awesome supplement to the pots (but I had roots exploding out of my pots twice).
Ask away if need be. @jmlove123


All things being individual, your results may vary.

I started out not using the pot socks but have found for me, they are a necessary and standard part of the grow. Dirt, perlite, coco, root fragments or any debris in the tray runs the risk of fouling up the aquavalve. The directions caution us to be very careful at set up to wipe all foreign materials form the bottom of the pot before placing into the tray to reduce the chances of the valve being adulterated. For me, the sock does this as long as it is clean. Slip it on and away you go PLUS having had 2 “root blowouts” where roots got by the root control disc and filled the tray, I won’t set an AP up without a pot sock.

There is nothing cheap about this hobby and for a couple bucks more the socks seemed like a decent insurance policy. Roots worming their way over into the valve part of your tray would be momentarily catastrophic if you check the plants daily. Even more catastrophic if like me, you might only check res levels and leave the tent door closed for 3 days or more.