Autopot's and More


Not gonna lie I love that this thread is going on, I think you started something fun my friend @screwauger and im happy to be in the boat! Funny thing about your first post to “always” use air dome, crystal candy has no air dome and she is the one taking the whole space in the tent. She is a clone from a seed that was very very strong from the beginning tho.


Do how does the Ebb n Flo system
Vary from yours. Aren’t they all flood systems or do they work differently. I asked this before but has anyone used Oct-to-pots. I’ve used these and liked them but I really wasn’t understanding how to keep my res. I used an air stone and pump in the But I went back to soul but it was nice to not have to worry about watering all the time. But I’ve always been interested in the drip system


I think the air domes are like flushing, the community is divided. Some hate them, some love them, some (me) use them because they are there!!

I have not looked in a while but you used to by the components of the air dome cheaper than the kit. was like $8 compared to $4 or something ridiculous.

The things I would say are fairly necessary are the root control discs and I use the pot socks too. Just look back in my journal for what happens if you leave a RCD out of the pot, but your experience may vary. @Blasting


I keep three 2X4 air stone running in each of my drums. I have two pump feeding three drums and will probably upgrade to a bigger pump soon. My system is a flooding for a determined time then drain and pump back to the reservoir. When in veg. I feed for a half hour 5 times in the 18 hrs. and feed 4 times for a half hour in flower.


do those pots need to stay level,or does it matter?


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Generally yes @BIGE but I don’t think slight variations are a problem as long as solution gets to the pot.


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Here is one of the dudes I modeled my set up after and my current auto’s got this “bowl” LST and that was all.


Will this work for a one pot grow ?


That’s the one Ive been looking at myself, but thinking of trying the 2 pot system for starters. Can always add more later.
@Screwauger said that anything bigger then the 3.9 gallon pots will give ridicules growth, but lm liking
the smart pots over the plastic pots, but it appears they they only come in the 5 gallon size.
Wondering if their smart pots are any different then a normal fabric pot.

Only thing really holding me back right now is the price of a chiller to keep the reservoir cool. I know a chiller will be a must for me with the temps I had to deal with last summer.


i’m eye balling that one myself @Kcdaniels
@Rugar89 i could handle ‘‘ludricus sized buds’’ lol i watched spaceballs this weekend…lol


@Kcdaniels @BIGE @Screwauger @Blasting

You can zoom in on the fabric pots on the Auto Pots site and see the tag that says Smart Pots. They are over double the price that you can get the pots for elsewhere. Also with the Smart Pots you probably wouldn’t need to have a Air Dome?


Would definetly work I guess, I cant get my hand on these in canada yet but I was also looking at them. I came across a thread on another forum where people use fabric pots in their XL tray, wich is pretty much the same as the smart pot kit. I would still use air domes to send air to the bottom roots that are most of the time sitting in nutrient solution, they do get “dry period” but not that much and most of your roots will grow to the bottom. Just my two cents Im still only on my first AP grow



Growers house has that xl pot system for $75


Now now, they did not have these when I ordered mine a yr ago! Pretty nifty looking.


On that note, one could basically buy the aquavalve and use a smart pot, and improvise the rest (tray and res). I’ve always thought the model with the large tray with mutiple plants and one aquavalve was interesting.

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I would think no air dome with a smart pot @Rugar89 and many regular AP users have run side by sides and say no need for the air dome anyway, but that is consistent across all things marijuana online. Seven schools of thought. lol

The consensus of folks who have tried the larger pots in tents has been, plants get too big but, your results may vary and if you’ve got height, go for it.,


What kind of temps do you need to keep the reservoir at ? I know summer time in Florida is HOT :sunglasses:


Im not positive, but I think I read somewhere around 68deg.

Im in SoCal.