Autopot's and More


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Hand watering okay initially if you don’t mind doing it. Later after they’ve been on the bottom feeding for a few weeks, the theory is the top two inches of the medium gets salt saturated as most of your root and active process is happening right in/above the tray. At that stage, hand watering is said to wash those built up salts down into the “process” area and can harm the plant.

They do pose some issues with flushing and many on that site will flame you over the “need to flush” philosophy. AP rec. a three day flush with plain water through the res vs dumping gallons through the top.


Have fun, back to work for this Cat. Later dewd’s and dewdette’s.


That’s what I have but I bought an extra 2 pots and an extra reservoir (which could be megyvered from a kitchen trash can purchased at a big box store). @TDubWilly


Thanks for tag and inviting me along. Very interesting.


Yes I can’t/can wait till I get my pots up and running. Doing lots of reading up on these pots as I have bought a 2 pot and a 4 pot system to use on my next grow.


Out of likes, but thanks for the tag! @Screwauger I’ll be following along extensively.
So far very informative.


Wow that’s bigger than I thought. I must have never seen the XL before


Autopot day 1 clone transplant january 26

This is february 22 after 2 weeks on reservoir feed.

And that is yesterday, 39x39 trnt crowded as hell beggining of flowering

I am using AN ph perfect nutes with most of their additives, so far I am loving these this is my 2nd ever grow and doing good! I am away for work on a 7 days in 7 days off schedule and these sure eliminate any watering issue!


If you guys want to follow my journey with autopots I have a journal on the journal section! Everyone is invited on the boat!


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Nice thread my friend. Some very good info as well :v:


i’ve already expressed my interest in these…lol
this system and @ntmaremach ebb and flow system are the two i’m debating on…
thanks for adding this info @Screwauger
the autopot is for sure cheaper!! lol


I looked at the auto pots earlier but never went to it. Gonna watch this closely.


Fun Facts:

About 1 yr ago when I ordered my AP’s there was no autopot usa website. It was a UK site that had wharehouses in Cali and PA. At that time, I had a couple email exchanges with the shipping director “Ricardo.” Really nice guy, not sure if he is still around. At that time, the company was very anti cannabis. Any support or contact mentioning germination or cannabis ended the discussion with an statement that they do not support that.

All that appears to have changed as there are now video’s and other ads featuring “Josh” the support guy fielding cannabis questions. I guess their popularity caused AP corporate to have a come to heyzus moment. At any rate, also new is the usa website and units described and priced in US measurements.

These are not for everyone and I initially wanted an ebb/flow set up or drain to waste but these filled a niche for me.


The flood tables are what I had originally looked at as well. Problem with that and me is, can screw up will screw up. Just a matter of time before I walked into a floor full of water.


Things are lookin good my friend… :wink:
I built something similar to those auto pots a few years back , worked like a charm and I was able to grow some monsters , but like with anything always looking for bigger and better… now I’m using rdwc totes and don’t think I’ll ever change , it’s way to easy for me now … :wink:

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My system has an emergency overflow switch. It won’t ever come on unless you have the height set to high in the controller which is adjustable. It still won’t overflow even if you have it set to high because the emergency switch will shut off the pump. If this does happen a light comes on letting you know the emergency switch was activated. I’ve used two of these ebb/flow systems running at the same time and never had an overflow in close to a year. You are much more likely to have a pump fail and not feed the plants before an overflow.


I love your system @ntmaremach and let it be known, these AP’s were a “jumping off” point for me to get started.
I do not think they are the end all be all to pot growing!
I do love them so far but I started out wanting something more akin to your system, I just didn’t have the budget at start up but as time goes on and coffers refill, the sky is the limit for my meds lol.
I make no effort to hide I am addicted to my weed.


Not worried about overflow as much as doing something stupid and/or getting a leak or whatever.