Autopot or soilwatering

Ho grow the biggest plant xl autopot or xl pot handwatering same nutriens water to both?

I want many answer thanks.:muscle:

I think thay would be close to the same. The only difference is one has a resivoir for water and waters itself when it needs water and you have to water the other one everytime it needs water.
Only big thing that would change yeild is whether u keep up the watering on the non auto pot and not let it dry out and wilt before watering everytime. That could cause slow down in growth

Yes but the rules its to dry it out and then put water most in flower.
But i dont no if the autopot let it dry out inoff.

@Screwauger uses auto pots.

I have not grown in soil since the 90’s. This blueberry autoflower plant yielded over 9 ounces grown in a 4 gallon pot of coco/perlite medium and continuous autopot reservoir feeding.

I say autopot, but I might be biased. :sunglasses:


Nice one

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Have problem this running over not stop on one of them