Autopot how flush

Hi Growerz!

Iam running xl autopot and I always flush my plant every week in flower.

Anyone answer how I do propery flush so no salt chock??

Nowone have a clue?
Ok so iam alone grow autopot.
I think more about this side.

I have no clue so I can’t help you at all. If I could, I would.

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Yeee thanks maan soo straints no one help me out yee?

@Blasting would know or @merlin44 they grow in auto pots I don’t but I have been seriously looking at them… Just soils so easy and I worry about the flooding from a valve being stuck open it would ruin my house.

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No Autopots here, just fabric grow bags.

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@TDubWilly uses autopots maybe he can help :wink:


Plain pH’d water in the reservoir for several days.


Yes, you can either put plain ph’ed water like Betty said or you can simply lift the pot out of the tray and go flush it like you normally do and then return it to the tray.


Hi T.D.W!

So its no problem to salt chock them?
They drink from bottom all the time so salt most be in the top I think,but I want to fluch from the top feel faster but dont want kill them no way back from just salt chock I think.

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Ya I know they drink from the bottom in the autoPot system

The idea well be to “leach” the salts from the medium and there is no one way to do that. You’ll be fine doing one heavy flush but you’ll be fine doing it slowly through your reservoir also

Products like florakleen or sledgehammer can assist in breaking down those salts

General Hydroponics FloraKleen QT - Mineral Salt Clearing Solution

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I guess I don’t understand what a salt “chock” is

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Flush from the top and salt goes down before it goes out from pot so all salt going the root way diwn and out so i think salt chock.

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Well on a final flush you have to continue to run water through it, normally like 3 times the size of the pot, so a one gallon pot will get a final flush of about 3 gallons of water and if you do that flush with a product like florakleen then there won’t be a “salt chock” cuz all the salts will be gone

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Ok I dident do it diffrent before direct from shower so I put 10 times the pot size whid water.
But I snart do ph check flush now.

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