Autopot guide indoor & outdoor

Welcome to the clan, for grow domination! Muahhaha


Just in case you were curious Nicky, I’m the one you “met” on a social media platform last night. We talked about the Bo$$….

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I was curious but I didn’t push.

Now I know lol

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Thanks @Nicky !

I have to look into these so no better place to start learning

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Just started catching up but already looking forward to see how your Tangiematics turned out.

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I want to grow that one again, now that I’m a better grower. My dad and girlfriend loves that one it went faster then any strain I’ve had but the buds were a bit more thin then normal for me.

It grew tall though, so yeah a good one ide grow it again.


We’re the tangies autos? I have some 420 tangie auto seeds for next grow.

Fastbuds yes. They were

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I loved the high that the tangie bud gave me. Energetic and highly focused effect on me. Ready to work, lol. Plus wonderful taste and smell.

That’s encouraging they liked it that much. How long did they take?

Can’t recall you would have to check the post dates.

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@Nicky hey question for ya. Do you just use tap water? Wondering on your Autopot reservoir once it’s time to fill or whatever how you go about the dechlorination? Like how long it takes for that amount and do you just cut the supply off for awhile while it is dechlorinating or what your process is?

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I installed a cheap filter housing on my cold. Lime under my sink I got from the hardware store, installed a Gac10 carbon filter and replace it every 6-8 months for 30$.
My cold water on my tap comes out tasting like perfect water, my girlfriend who used to drink only expensive bottled water loves it.
I feed it to our pets and our plants.

I fill 5 gallon buckets in my double sink and dump them in, the 25 gallon reservoirs I put 20 gallons in. The last 5 gallons I leave in the bucket, then once it hits room temp I mix it up (when I’m not rushed), but if I am rushed I can mix it cold and turn it on right away.

If I didn’t have that filter it would SUCK.

I just advised @ash93 how to install one it’s like 60-80$ pretty easy. Just need two big wrenches or pair of channelocks.


@Nicky You got it from canadian tire right?

Something like that?

Any hardware store, that’s way to expensive and the wrong size it’s to short and stocky. You want the normal tall skinny one. Should be 40$


@Nicky Thanks

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I’d follow @Nickys advice any day. He’s the main reason I went with autopots. I use tap water and leave sitting over night with a wavemaker(I’m in a separate reservoir) I mix everything in this separate reservoir then pump it to my main res.

If I let my tap water sit over night… after I add jacks 321, and check the nutes… it comes up at a ph of 5.8-5.9. Makes things really easy. I don’t fix up more than 4 days worth of nutes and by then the ph usually has crept up to around 6.1. If it were to get above 6.2 I would readjust the ph back down. No special filter being used here.


@JWhistler @Nicky dumb question. so when you guys mix the jacks for the res. Do you just mix like a concentrated amount in a couple gallons then add to the rest rather than put the nuts in the res and it mixing in there?

That method might work for me too as my water as I’m doing similar now I just have an airstone going in a 5 gal water cooler and it always hits almost perfect ph a once I mix jacks. I’ve been adding silica so i do have to ph but if I’m in a rush I’ll skip the silica and don’t have to ph. I’m eyeing the autopots hard. I could do the 4 pot spring system and buy the 25gal res. And use the smaller one to let the water dechlorinate or go with something like Nicky has with the filter which in that case I might would go with the 6pot and have back ups Incase something failed. That option of course would be a little more $$

I run a 4x4 tent with the autopot xl. I have 4 plants in the 4th week of flower and I go through 10 gallons every 3 days. So when I move the nutrients to the autopot 13 gal res I then fill my backup reservoir with 10 gallons of tap water. I use a wave maker (cheap from Amazon). I don’t use an air stone as it can create an area for bacterial growth.

I have 2 different setups. One I keep most of the mixed nutrients in a separate reservoir. I ph then transfer a few gallons as needed.

The other I mix up and add all at one time to my 13 gallon res.