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Staying out of debt is way easier said than done lol.

I think we are probably around the same age.

Ive worked trade jobs most of my life, never enjoyed any of it enough to pursue any avenues too far. I got my commercial driver license to drive dump trucks, not tractor trailer semis. I enjoyed that the most.

I graduated high school 2007. Bopped around a bunch and worked everywhere, ended up meeting my wife in 2012 we got married in 2014. My wife has always worked in the restaurant business and is a Manager at a very popular big chain restaurant. She makes decent money (~65k), ok benefits. I worked for my county on the road department. I enjoyed it, a lot, i ended up on the culvert crew operating heavy equipment, removing and laying in new pipe, hauling materials and equipment to and from jobs. And on days we didnt have a job lined up, we would drive around all day and “check” things out. By now we have 3 kids, mortgage, car payments, medical bills, school bills, credit card debt (like less than $500 so im proud of that) insurance blah blah. So January of 2020 and I feel like my job just suit me financially anymore and I decided to switch to higher paying job delivering food/produce to restaurants. Pay was better, but i had to be at wake up for work at midnight 12:00, drive an hour away, get in my truck and drive again for another hour to get to the town/suburb/area i had to run that day, spend the 10ish hours doing my work, then the 2 hour drive back to shop, and then back home. My wife worked most evenings at the restaurant. Decent money (60-65k) but horrible family home time. Then covid hit and I was immediately laid off and have been since. The wife has stayed working but having kids and the schools shutting down all summer, day cares closed and still opening/reclosing to this day. Life wasnt really tough until this year. I have no idea what I want to for the rest of my life. I just turned 32 a couple months ago.

We have a nice spot, just a crap state to live. We have 2 acres backed up a field and and some woods. Nice, quiet, cozy. I would love to plant out half an acre one day, but the folks around here will have the police here in seconds if they think im growing “them darn drugs”. Maybe one day we will move to a more legal state.


Like I told Nicky, you are YOUNG!! you can’t put a price on that. You two are also hard workers and it means a lot, amazing how many people are plum lazy and wonder why they don’t get ahead. I can relate to the mortgages, kids, etc. except I am a bit older lol. I graduated in 1971 and lucky I found early on what I wanted to do, which was flying airplanes. I am now recently retired from the largest Airline in the US, probably the world. Miss the flying but not the bull that went along with it. Heck, our daughter is older than you guys!!


You’ll figure it out, just keep growing, don’t slip into being lazy or it goes down hill. It’s important not to sleep in every day, instead ensure your getting up and getting on with your life in whatever meaningful way you can until things return to a more stable state. Be productive it’s super important for your mental health and your relationship.

I’m glad your wife’s still working sounds like until you find something to fill the coffers again you gotta take care of the Rascals, help your wife with everything you can it’s so important in these next couple of months she’s gonna be stressed and so are you but it’s about getting through this strong right. Hopefully the grow will bring you some joy every day and maybe even a little cash here and there.

@jetlag I get the name now! Haha.
I’m super jelly, i was fortunate enough to fly twice early in my life since my dad’s a dentist and has a bunch of rich city friends (he’s the hippy in the hills in a small town lol) I always loved flying it was such an amazing feeling and being in the air is very very cool.
I went to one of the best helicopter schools around here in the BC interior and they basically told me even if I get trained up the chances of me getting a job is slim to none without lots of experience. They suggested the military and then a civilian career post service, that or remote Bush planes…
So that sort of killed my dream and I walked away from what I understood was alot of physics and math (not my strong suit but when your driven I’m sure you can get good at anything). Although thanks to my job I have been a passanger in private helicopters and plane for the industry a hand full of times which I really enjoy every time.

We wrap on my jobsite here Monday and I’m going home Monday night, got a new offer but turned it down. Going to go home and help my girl get through this semester, take care of the needy whiney dog, the kitty, feed the girl and do all the grow/house stuff all while motivating her and keeping her on track.
Fingers crossed for all of our futures

Ps @jetlag wouldn’t want to be in the airline industry right now


Thanks for kind words man. You guys seem fairly squared away for now, enjoy some time at home, full fill your desires with your blackberry harvest, lol.

Im very lucky to have found my wife, she understands and gets me, and vice versa. Luckily we were wise enough to already have our finances in order enough to stay afloat on one income.

I believe cannabis is a massively misunderstood plant, and I see the benefits of carefully selecting strains to fit a persons needs. My wife being the reason I started growing to begin with, she has terrible anxiety and what could be fibromyalgia, more appts yet. Cannabis helps her on a grand scale, where as pharmaceuticals were hit and miss…

@jetlag I wanted to join the Navy and be a pilot, childhood/life long dream, but I have a terrible hearing loss Ive had since birth. I can hear everything, its just quiet, i wear a hearing aid. APPARENTLY thats a dq in armed forces. Lol I knew it would be but I still bugged the recruiters. Lol the Army was pissed, i got all the way to MEPS before they discovered I was deaf as a door nail… I bombed the hearing test. Lol

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Wow you tried anyways? Well that’s dedication.

My girls got anxiety and we are pretty sure ADHD, so she’s gonna ask the doc about getting tested for ADHD but she’s used cannabis to cope her whole life to the point she knows it’s unhealthy.
She’s trying to commit to one half gram cartiage a week but it’s a struggle.
She got into the concentrates because flower wasn’t working anymore and as much as cannabis can be good it can be very addictive and have its own issues.
So she wants to get back to the point she can smoke flower for recreation but she’s along way from that and right now it’s an issue we will try and slowly deal with because trying to get through school is so important she can’t be trying to kick a drug habit at the same time. The withdrawal is brutal but she also knows it’s negatively effecting her performance in school and her health.
Maybe the ADHD diagnosis and medication can help her kick the concentrates until she can come back to flower and use in a healthier manner.
Unfortunately the cost of usage is 60$-80$ a week and she doesn’t work, as well as i don’t know how to make the oil juice to load those things up with.
Nor do I want to feed her habit and give her less reason to quit but she misses smoking a bowl with me and being actually stoned then melting into the it’s just a habit like a regular smoker and she barely if at all gets high.

These are federally regulated legal concentration vape pens and the thc is like 80+% tested by 3rd party government inspected labs so its strong shit. My flower won’t even touch her

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That would be American Airlines, with Delta and Emirates closely behind.


My son has ADHD, and my wife believes she does too, just undiagnosed her entire life. Interesting.

The meds help my son, but I wretchedly hate that he puts that into his body.

Mental health is, imo, another misunderstood, and so often neglected, topic. Take care of that girl, she needs you, and im sure you notice you need her as well. Atleast you guys are actively pursuing this and not just brushing it off. I feel so many people just hide and bury their issues.

Im not saying cannabis is the answer to all lifes problems, medicine and cannabis have been proven to work wonders when used in conjunction with each other properly.

Btw, did you ever make Bo$$man a new insta?


I figured Emirates was the biggest globally. Interesting.

Apparently that honor goes to AA.

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Lol, I have lots of friends sweating it right now. Yes, flying helicopters is a blast, have ridden in many. A friend in my young flight instructors days, worked at our airport part time while a full time Huey instructor in Fort Brag, NC. in the army. Every few
weeks he would show up at the airport with 3-4 helicopters supposedly “training”, and if not too many folks around, I was sure to get a ride in one. very illegal of course. I was 22-23? A local guy here with a power washing business, whose does very well at it, started taking lessons a couple of years ago. I think he was paying around $250/hour. He did this for a little way until he found out once he had the license he still could not rent the thing, where you can do that in a small airplane

shame, you almost made it. I was hit with a nasty sounding syndrome in May of 2017 called sudden sensory hearing loss or something similar. It took out my right ear in about 8 hrs. on a pretty Sunday working in the farm. I was one year and 3 months from retirement. After 5 weeks of 60MG of Prednisone a day and 20 treatments at a hyperbaric treatment center, It was pretty brutal, specially the drugs, and coincidentally my doctor is an ex navy man. It took about 6-7 months as it slowly recovered to what I am guessing is 40% The brain had to learn again to hear on that ear, very interesting actually. I slowly started hearing pings, tones actually, when being tested. First time I hear something I recognized was driving home from the hyperbaric chamber about an hour from home and it poured hard rain. I was in my old jeep and I heard this racket before I recognized the rain drops on that flat windshield. I literally cried. So you and I share hearing aids, lol.


For now, lets see what happens after the Corona mess

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Bo$$ does have a new insta… But I have yet to upload any pics. I’ll post it on the new grow because he will be happy I’m home starting a new grow it’s his second favorite place. Since he loves being outside.
He’s getting pretty big

He looks skruffy in the bottom pick because the girl had just russle his fur backwards :pouting_cat:

He’s waiting for me to come home Monday night.