Autopot guide indoor & outdoor

I would tilt the lights facing inward on both sides. :+1:


I’m not sure what to say , those plants are huge…:+1:


Look like little Christmas trees. Very nice

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I would keep growing them until Dec 25 and string some lights on em! Only problem is my cats would eat em.

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Im using my 320xl and a 240w until the baby’s grow up inside and I’ll swap the 320xl out for the 240w
I didn’t get a reply fast enough so I did a quick center job.
I have came to the realization that I can’t run a space heater because I only have one plug on the outside of my mobile home.
Sooo not sure how om going to keep it warm in there I may have to just run an extension cord out my window for two months lol!

I thinned the big one out and mostly thinned the “small” one out.
Two pretty big monsters for being “autos” lol


See @Not2SureYet these gotta finish before i can start two more. I wonder if ill make it to harvest with no issues and if so how much they will yeild.

I would just use thumb eyeball method.


You were lied to. Those monsters can’t be autos, lol. Why the trimming?


The trimming is to allow airflow and thin it out, the buds need light or they won’t grow thc is a Sunscreen and bug protector so stress builds buds and thc.
Yeah they arnt autos lol

Insert cannabis photo here


Can you use one of these. And wouldn’t it be better to have your lights side by side more more coverage? :thinking:
Some one has a frosty plant there

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I have a big power ball all good that way but idk what the best light configuration is, what’s @dbrn32 think? A couple posts above is this good or should I hang them differently

Looks pretty dark near bottom of plant. I would maybe try moving smaller fixtures a little lower.


Thnx man
I didn’t really notice that, I don’t have any more lights though…
So dono what I can do then really.
I have 3 panels
240w x2
320xl x1

Using one 240w inside for my two autos while they are small… Leaves me with these two panels.

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I misunderstood earlier, thought all 3 were available. Maybe offset big light to 2 side a little and put slight hitch in hanger to angle a smidge. Then fo the same with other fixture on opposite side. Just an idea…

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So slightly on the edges of the grow angled inward?
Is that what you mean


like this?

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Ya. At least see if you feel it is better.

2 dollar signs and a / ? That must be what he meant? Yeah thatll do.

It was meant to be

Plants are soar signs $$/

Hmm not showing the slash on the other side

oh I see ! Me so stupid!