AutoPot for autoflowers - dealing with different growth rates

So I purchased an AutoPot 4 pot system with 15L (3.9G) plastic pots. I was anxious to try it so on July 1 I started soaking 3 Blueberry autoflower seeds. Ten days ago I transplanted them into their pots, watered thoroughly until runoff like suggested, waited for roots to grow and finally turned on the system yesterday. Problem I have is two are 15 inches tall, third is half that, one of the tall ones has started flowering.

With a multi pot system what do you feed them when they are all at different stages of growth. Seems like AutoPot systems would work better with fem seeds so you can control when they flower. What do you AutoPot/autoflower growers do?

That is not unique to auautopots. Every seed can produce a slightly different plant, to have 3 that are relatively the same i would use clones from a photo period plant. But still these clones might show slight size variations depending on light position, watering schedules, etc. But still should be pretty darn close to the same given they are grown in the same conditions. They all look happy and healthy, give the runt a few days she might just become the tallest of the bunch given one is already showing some flowering. Or maybe she will end up twice as wide as the others after getting some time to stretch out.

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I get this every grow myself. I had 3 two were tall and looked like twins the third was about half as tall and had almost identical yield at half the size. My current are right beside each other planted on the same day and one is 6 inches taller at week 4.