Automax light question

A question from a fellow grower:

I will be starting my seedsinside last of march,I use a 400w halide 18/6 until June 1st and then transplant outdoors, with the help of ilgm I have had great results and yields, I have aquired an Evluma model:Areamax 40w 90-277vac,50/60hz, would this lights output be comparible to the 400w halide or should I stick to using te 400w halide for the 8-9 weeks before handing them over to mother nature? I value your opinion!! Thank you much,michael

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Hi fellow grower, despite the fact that this is not a growing light, the 40 watts model you have is the equivalent of a 100 watts hid and depending on the specific model you bought, the Kelvin deliver by these lights are between 3000 and 5000 K, you’ll be risking stretching of your little ones, keep it for your parking lot :wink::grinning:. So stick with your 400W.

Hoping that’s enlighten you a little :innocent:

~Al :innocent: :v: