Automatic watering

I’m going on vacation and need a good automatic watering system. Anyone have one? if so what brand or set up?


How long are you going to be gone?

My vacation watering system is a nephew named Scott. lol.


lol seriously I need a reliable watering system (or send Scott to NJ)


I just tagged you on a thread you can see how i did it and maybe get an idea

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Thanks , that was very helpful. does it have to be a digital timer?

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There are mechanical timers and even wifi controllers you can use but i prefer these i get them at harbor freight ( if your inthe u.s.) for about 10bucks anything you trust is good.

OK cool. also in one of the picture of the reservoir there is a green tube. what is that there for? aeration

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Can you go there and tag me so i know exactly what your looking at. I have several systems

I had that issue my first soil grow,

I bought a bucket to hold water, put a pump on a timer, hooked pump up to some drip irrigation emitters… It isn’t ideal but works in a bind.

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Its to stop any chance of siphoning when pump stops

I get it. It drains any water left in the tube

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is he busy at the end of April for 3 days? lol

I like mine better, she’s tall with big boobs and brown hair. She can tote 2 five gallon buckets full of water, she can reach those top buds to bend them down where I can smell em. She’s what I call a professional waterer with fringe benefits.

But I have found leaving her behind to water plants while I go to the beach for some strange reason seems to upset her. So I could use your nephew Scott a week this summer.

But seriously :rofl:

A drip emitter system is cheap to order online, it comes with the timer, tubing, emitters etc. These can be used indoors or outdoors.

I’ve seen some use a two liter coke bottle turned upside down and stuck into the soil, but not I, so I can’t explain how to do it.

No matter which auto watering you use ya have to make plans for the runoff. How to get rid of it.

How long are you gone for?

I invested in an Autopot system hooked up to a 25 gallon reservoir. Depending whether you’re in veg or flower, 10 gallons can last you from a week to 10 days. You wont have to worry about runoff and you wont have to worry about setting it up to a timer. Its an unplugged system that runs on gravity. Let me know if this is what you’re looking for

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I’m interested in it, if you could pass on. I’m gone for 5-6 days at a time! Thanks

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Look up autopot system