Automatic Light movers

@Storm didn’t want to hijack the other thread. What kind of rail do you have. I am looking at the light rail name brand.
Light Rail 4.0 AdjustaDrive Kit Motor w Rail, Robotic Grow Light Mover Solidly Made in The USA

Reasoning for looking into this new venture. I have a 28x55x80 inch tent 80 inch hight and you have a 12 inch pot keep light 10 inches from top of tent a lot of full spectrum lights recommend 20 to 28 inches from top of plant. So we are looking at 12+10+20=42. 80-42= 38
Inch plant. And if I have to keep it the full 28 that is only a 30 inch plant. I want to be able to grow taller and use less electricity covering same area and kill hot spots and shadows.
If I can run a rail 10 inches from top of plants it will allow for a 48 inch plant.

So question is what is your experience can you keep a more powerful light for deeper penetration of the canopy closer to the canopy with a rail?
This is what I’ve been reading. Would like to here from experience though.

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That 1. I got extra rail and made hangers. Worth every penny man. Can speed up lights. 30% better coverage smaller lights.

Also you can drop them tight on plants. Speed up the rail and no burns.

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How long you had them.

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Almost a year. Several grows. I run a perpetual in 4x8 at 18/6. Have 2 tents for flowering photo. This round 4x8 all photo and will sit in veg while at brothers ranch.

Your other tents have rails.

No sir. Only the big guy. 3x3 and 32x32 have a 550r in them. Way overkill but dial them down.i took down my 2x4 but if up a rail would be in it.

I would be quite the opposite I think and the big one would be my flower tent. With the rspec moving so i had more even coverage and could be closer to the flowers with more light.
I get some light bleaching on my bud tips with my stationary lights. Thats why I’m looking at rails.
I have the 28x55x80 inch tent with 690 actual watts mostly blurple 100 of it is full spectrum running in it. I am thinking 400 actual watts of full spectrum on a rail. Then I have a 2x3 ft x 54 inches tent for veg. With 530 watts of blurple. I can get them 24 to 28 inches tall in there with hst and lst. Then move to the bigger one for the stretch. At the same time in a 55 gallon aquarium i have seedlings started to go in little tent and flip both to flower. Then they finish at the same time. Not perpetual yet but getting there. Should be there after the new light and rail purchase.
I have to head to work but would like to chat with you more later if thats ok.

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Sure man. Retired and winter. BORED!

Got here have 6 minutes. Do you always do photoperiod. Thats all I do . Have some free auto seeds I might throw outside when it warms up.
Right now looking for a light 400 actual watts that is no more than 20 or 22 inches wide for the rail. That will leave me 3/4 inches each side.

I do auto and photo same time in big tent. My photo are big gg clones i single out to a 20gal. I just keep dropping auto in and have a photo or 2 in veg.

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20 gallon in the tent. @Storm

Yes. I transplant to a 20 and stick in its own tent.

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Wow my roots just barely fill a 5 or 7 gallon. I only veg a month month and a half though.

Since i keep big tent half full of auto the other half veges a while. Will be a jungle this summer all photo. Wife gonna water and ill flip when get back home.

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What size pot for the autos. I’ll post some pics when i get home.

Thought about this. Follow link it is a post of mine with pics.

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I use 5 gal for auto. In Earth Dust living soil. Water only.

Oh cool

So i been doing some reading on these rails and see a lot of stuff about how there good for veg. But really do nothing for the flowering stage. So i guess the way you have it going is best.