Automatic for the people!


Here’s the led strips I used, 10M total, 2 x 5M



Thanks! I think I’ll be giving sog a shot next grow with the photo ww seeds I have coming so that’s great to know the number of plants.

For now, 2 autos it is :slight_smile:


If you go to that page does it give you any data on the current draw of the strips?



That doesn’t really help me too much. Says greater than 14 watts per meter. So 10 meters would be greater than 140 watts. Would probably need individual diode data sheet to figure it out, and it lists two different led models.

If you have access to a multimeter and know how to check current would tell you. Or if you grabbed a $20 killawatt would work too.


Mate just confirming that is the answer to my question, thanking you for the advice,they are eight weeks plus so have magnification piece coming in the mail,basically at what point do you recommend starting flushing so harvest is at its peak? And also how long do recommend flushing for,a few days of rain happening at the moment, but usually only takes two-three days for plants to dry the soil from a flooded pot,thanks in advance for any helpful advice.


I use a flush aid and flush 1 week usually 2 waterings. After the 2nd i split stem and let it go 4 days then chop it