Automatic flowering


Ive never tried these seeds and am very new to growing. Only 1 grow outside this year, started indoor from seed. My confusion is not knowing how many hours to have lights on. I know they will flower when rdy but while growing what is light schedule? 24hrs a day, 12 / 12 ? ?


I run mine at 18/6 from sprout to harvest. Some disagree, but I believe 24/0 is not good, as everything needs a little rest…


Technically they will grow and flower under any light schedule, but I agree with @Ron330. 18/6 is a good balance of time to max out photosynthetic energy and provide enough dark time. Running them with less light would likely equate to not having as much growth. But more than 18 hours or so won’t help either. The most successful auto flower grows seem to regularly come from between 16-20 hours of light.


Thank you both i appreciate the feed back. Im in Maine so time to get the winter indoor grow going.


Welcome to the ILGM forums @Chrissydupes I’m down the road in MA. Lots of good folks here willing to help including some good folks from Maine @Screwauger @Willd @Dumme

If you have any questions or whatever tag us like I tagged you with the @ and username and it flags us to come back and see whats going on!


I’ve got mine going @Chrissydupes

I’m a central Mainah and welcome to the ILGM Forum. Like @bob31 said, ask anything and there is bound to be beneficial input from the Gang.

I am growing three auto’s for the first time. I am basically mirroring a more experienced grower and I am maintaining 20/4 for the entire grow (that’s the plan).

Happy Growing.


Nice to run into someone from central maine. Thats where i am. Too funny. Again thank you for the tips. Im waiting on my seeds and cant wait to start the growing. I sure enjoyed the legal outdoor growing this year. Its coming to every state eventually…


Thanks @bob31 and @Screwauger. I hopefully taged you right. This is my first forum…


I’m growing 1 auto and 2 photos and they are all on 12/12 light schedule for flowering (31 days now) I only have one area available for flowering so the auto is on the photo schedule and seems fine.


I do the same thing. Great thing about autos they will do just fine! I started an Amnesia Haze Auto in 12/12 from sprout and she grew bigger that the three Autos I started at 18/6

@GreenThunder @Chrissydupes