Automated watering system

Does anyone know of a good programmable timer outlet I can use with an electric water pump to turn on the pump and dispense water every 2 days for 5 minutes (example)? And work for 2-3 weeks?

Or does any one know of a different programmable water irrigation system?

Almost any digital timer will work. I got mine at Lowe’s for 18$. Works with my Hydrolock system.

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I use a digital timer in coco with up to 6 plants, twice a day for 2 to 3 minutes. Works great!

I use these…Digital Timers…

Thanks @MrPeat @Underthestairs @Myfriendis410 I found this which will lower costs because it does require pump, hopefully it works

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@Jonny420 You are welcome. I love my two digital timers. I really need a 3rd one.

I have the same as @MrPeat . They have been working great.

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