Automated grow box suggestions

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I’m looking at the following automated grow boxes: BCNL, LEAF and Seedo.


  1. Do you have any opinion about these appliances?
  2. Do they work or is it just hype?
  3. Which of the three above would you suggest?
  4. What problems, using grow appliances, should I be watching out to avoid?

On the BCNL model reservoir size is my first concern too small and crowded likely to get too warm
LEAF looks quite interesting but would require continued use of their products alone for nutrients ph control filters may add up to long term expenses.
Seedo lab much like leaf is quite new tech and many of bugs may still be needing to be worked out with real time grows not in a test setting.
The problem with very new systems is very few have tried them and they are tested using easily grown plants and herbs. The seedo and leaf are both in pre-order stage meaning neither has done full scale production runs yet asking instead that you fund and prepay in hopes they gain enough funding to give you what they are advertising.
Tents are cheaper and far more easily customized to suit ones needs and can be purchased as full kits, sure you can’t control everything with your phone but we see some pretty good grows with them :slight_smile:


Greetings all, from Sherman Oaks, California! This is my very first posting, and it stems from my activity of googling “automated grow box”…A LOT! I happen to do this way too much, as I get such a thrill in learning about these newfangled machines that sure seem as if they are going to be happening very soon. You’d mentioned various brands, and the one you did not mention is called Cloudponics. It was this company that happily turned my world upside down. My deposit money has been with The Leaf company, and yes, I am slated to receive one in the summer. As for Seedo, they too had my deposit money, but after their first livestream video, I cancelled that one, but fast. What a train wreck that was. After I’d read of The Leaf, I also began reading about a start up company called Cloudponics. So I gave them deposit money as well. Eventually I became the owner of a prototype Cloudponics machine, as an end user “tester”. Their system uses aeroponics versus deep water culture. I am telling anyone who reads this, that this company absolutely delivered the goods. My grow went incredibly well, and the hands on work was so easy that words can’t even say. Their next generation machines are now available, and I now believe the old saying “Cannabis is not addictive, but growing it is”. My prototype machine had issues. NOT because of the technology. The box itself had some problems that occurred during my second grow. They’ve exhaustively worked like the dickens on addressing everything, and not only that, the next generation machines (which I am getting next week) use the finest l.e.d. grow light out there. They used to use Blackdog phytomax 200. It was a fabulous light. Now they are upping their game with Blackdog phytomax 200 “2”. It is 60% more powerful, and yet actually runs cooler . No I don’t work for them…but when this company trades on the stock exchange, I guess I’ll be part owner of that company, as I will be purchasing as much stock as I can swing :slight_smile: In 2009 I was the owner of B.C. Northern LIghts Bloombox Royale. Yes it grew my plants, but this type of machine cannot be called automated, no matter what they say. It was so much hands on work, and was very stressful for me. I sold it after 1 grow.