I’m a newbie at this so please be gentle. I have 5 purple punch autoflowers they’re 8 weeks. PPM 800-900, PH 6.0-6.5 range. Light 2000w full spectrum led. Temp ranges 71 - 74 F, and humidity ranges 40 - 50. They have yet to flower. Am I doing something wrong :confused:

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Auto’s are on their own time table, unless they sent you photo :eyes: can’t rush them. But longer means bigger if they are auto’s

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Do u have the pack tge seeds cane in make sure they r autos. Might be photos. Can always flip them to 12 12 and it will save u some electricity too. Ive neve had an auto go more than 30 to 35 days before they flower so maybe did they get stunted at the beginning???


Thanks for replying! No I done everything like they say do. I got my seeds from Gelatos seeds. I guess I will wait patiently for a few weeks and see what happens. Thanks again! Do look healthy?

They look happy and healthy. :eyes:


Could be they sent you photos…only one way to find out and that is to flip to 12/12 light cycle. What seed company?? I have grown PPA before and they started flowering at 3 weeks.

This is purely just a suggestion not related to why they aren’t flowering, but try and keep your humidity above 50%, 40% is too low for veg. Lower is great for flowering though :slight_smile:

Thanks! How do they have to be in the dark, before switching to 12/12?