Autoflowers won't flower

I have 4 auto White Willow 8 weeks old anybody have any suggestions on how I can make them flip

Switch the lights to 12/12. You may have accidentally got photo seeds. Regardless, either way a 12/12 will make them flower.


Cool thanks bro

Anything man we are all here to help.

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Sometimes autos need a little help going into flower. As @Familyman said, switch your lights to 12/12 and she should go into flower.

im growing autos for the first time. I didnt know they sometimes resist their ruderalis genes. Good to know they will flower with a 12/12. I cant wait to see those colas

i dont think he is saying they could resist genes, i think he is saying sometimes photo seeds could get shipped instead

So you’re saying if they’re not photo they won’t turn under the 12 and 12 ???

Have them under 12 and 12 now they should show in a week???

no i think hes sayin if they should flower under 12/12 either way