Autoflowers Im new to them


This is my first auto grow need some tips! Usually grow feminized indoors.


Don’t super crop or FIM them not enough time to recover before flower and 3-4 weeks they flower on there own I’ve been doing lots of homework on them next grow I’m trying them out oh and quarter strength nutrients at start LST works great from what I’ve read but as I’ve said this will be next grow so no experience real world yet if your using a product line like fox farms they give you a feeding schedule that’s 12 weeks just drop four weeks that don’t have any changes week to week that’s my plan my plant loves fox farms but who knows how autos will fair


This is my first grow I feel she’s a good start



I’d like to help if I can this forum has helped me so much and want to pay it forward
Happy growing


Autos are fun and very fast , just keep your schedule up and don’t stress the plant at all and they will grow on they own into nice buds . I done a sativa dominant auto and a indica dominant auto and yield 3.9 ounces and 4.5 ounces , the Amnesia Haze finished in 56 days , and the Blue Berry auto went about 116 days , but I was very impressed in the quality of the buds , the flavor , and the taste , great for winter growing are if you just need a quick supply of smoke .


One is the amnesia haze auto and one is the blueberry auto , the haze is the sativa dominant which is the first photo and the blueberry is an indica dominant .