Autoflowers hermied

Hi guys so I have these 4 silver haze autos under a 600 w (actual) led…temp between 22-27 C…humidity 50
Started on 15 th August
Been in flower for about 7-8 weeks now

I couldn’t check on the plants for a week (my friends has been giving them water and feeds).

Today when I went I saw they all had hermied (??) They have sacs virtually everywh

ere …and when I plucked them out …a lot of th had seeds in them …I don’t really understand how seeds developed on the stalk of the plant…isn’t it supposed to be inside the flower? Anyways a lot of them dint have seeds also …does male flower also contain something that looks like a seed …because some were proper seed …

I have 2 questions

  1. what to do with these plants now ? All 4 are hermie so I’m not worried about pollinating others …should I continue till harvest as they are not ready yet at all…(atleast 2-3 weeks)

  2. how did they get hermie??? Specially autos? No real light or heat stress…they did have some light burn early in veg but that’s it

Sorry for bad pics will post some more tomorrow

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Your second photo shows some calyx but no male parts that I can see. If there are actual seeds then either you do have one or more hermies or some pollen got in from somewhere else.

I am not saying that you don’t have hermie plants, just that I can not see any signs of if from the photos.

Hey thanks for the reply…ya form I was reading these are calyx …dint know that time so clicked there pic only …but some sacs very similar to these which I took out had proper seeds inside them!!

I’ll loat more pics tomorrow …with close ups

How do I differentiate between these calysys and the seed containing sacs?

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If it has a pistil (the white hair) then it is a female calyx. The male pollen sack will have more of a rounded shape without the pistil.

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Welcome. ! I don’t see anything to push me in the direction of a( Hermie ) .

If those have been flowering for 8 weeks you may have bigger problems than a herm. Here is an auto on day 70


Ok so the female calyx (sacs with hair) …some of them when I plucked out had seeds in them!! Does that mean that particular female flower (calyx) was accidentally pollinated ? I’ll take a video and post tomorrow

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Lol yeah these look bomb…mine r no way close to this…though my strain says 90 days

Any suggestions to y it’s slow

My guess would be lack of light by the way those leaves are praying…

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My guess would be not enough light. That’s typically the biggest factor.