Autoflowers hermed, soil, nutritions

From a fellow grower:

hope you can help me out with these few questions… I have been a part time grower for when can get a chance,this is my first time growing autos I am doing it in soil when I have read up it said they are like wet then let the soil dry out but I think I have let it go to dry and some of them has turned into hermies they was feminised when got them from senise seeds…(1)…has letting them getting to dry turned them?? (2)… First time I have grown in soil I have just over done it with the nutritions canna Flores A and B they was for hydroponics and are few years old but keeped in the right conditions will they be OK to use still?? Also like a said AV over done it and have turned a bit yellow if I flush them out will they go back a nice green colour??

Hope you can understand my questions ok…
Thank you very much for any help you can give me

Autos are very sensitive…any stress can hermie them…

Start them in their final pot, they do not like transplanting.
The old fertilizer might have turned it. Chemicals degrade, they go bad no matter how they are stored. There might have been hot spots in the soil. Or you just started nutes too early and too strong.
Water them like a regular marijuana plant.

Get fresh fertilizer, use the old stuff outside on some gardening.

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Yeah I agree if your using soil make sure it has zero to No nutrients if it does make sure to flush all of the nutes from it, make sure to NOT cause any harm or will !@#$ up your yield or worse kill it since autos have such a short life span

have all ways used Fox Farms Ocean - also with nutrients and never had no problems When it comes to nutrients “Less is Best” never use directed amounts - at least at first - their listed amounts are for commerical growers