Autoflowers Harvesting Stage (72 Days), are they ready or not?


I am having trouble understanding and knowing what my next step should be with two of my autos that are not looking to be ready for harvesting yet but it seems that their time to be harvest is way behind based on the breeder’s information.
Out of the four autoflowers that I started together back in March (two super skunks and two Blueberries), the two super skunks were harvested last Sunday. However, I have a question about the two blueberries.

First of all, the two blueberries look like they are way behind even thought, I planted them together with the Super Skunks. See some photos attached (Blueberry #1 and Blueberry #2)

Uploading: BlueberryBlueberry #1 - Photo 1 Plant #1 - Photo 1.2.JPG… Uploading: Blueberry Blueberry #2 - Photo 1 Plant #2 - Photo 1.2.JPG…

They just turned 72 days (10 weeks and 2 days) and I don’t see too many trichomes especially on plant #2 nor the pistils are turning red, they are still white. According to the seed bank, the flowering time is supposed to be 50 to 60 days. Again, they are in day 72. Also, plant # 2 looks sad with some sort of deficiency or light stress.

My setup is as follow:

4x4, I keep humidity between 43% to 50% and the temperature between 68° to 84°.
I have two VIPARSPECTRA Dimmable 600W Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights running 18/6. Two weeks ago, I added a California UVB light that I use for 15 to 30 minutes at a time for a total of almost 6 hours of UVB during the day when the lights are on (the UVB light is set about 3’ from canopy as recommended by the seller. Also, I have three small oscillating fans set on the corners blowing at the canopy level, and two small fans blowing on the floor, I have an exhaust “Active Air 6-inch 400 CFM Fan with 6" Carbon Filter. The exhaust fan works 24/7. As intake, I have run an 8” ducting that takes air from the outside of the house.

My questions are, should I wait until the few trichomes start to turn amber? Or should just harvest now since they are past their prime-time flowering?

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Sometimes plants have a mind of their own. I’ve had short harvest times and long harvest times with autos. You still have a lot of white pistols, which mean they need more time. Most of the pistols will be orange before harvest. Also the trichomes are still mostly clear with some milky. They should be all milky and a few amber in there at harvest time. Based on the photos you still have several more weeks to go. Your patients will be rewarded.


The plants afe looking good.

My blueberry auto took between 91 and 100 days

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That 50 to 60 days is just the flowering time, once they start flowering, not the total time from seed to harvest. Looks like you still got a few weeks to go.


Thank you, I will keep giving them nutrients and ph balanced water.


Thank you for the heads up!

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