Autoflowers and Regular feminized

I had written several post in the past couple of weeks concerning my girls and was wondering why 4 of them looked different from the rest, Mystery solved!!! I was accidentally sent GG atuoflower seeds rather than the regular feminized GG4 seeds, ILGM sent me the correct seeds at no charge, you got to love that!!
However, being a noob at growing and this is in fact my first grow I’m not sure where to go from here, the autos have been producing flowers for several weeks and are starting to turn a different color, I’m still running 18 hours of light because I have my regular GG4 in the same room and cant separate them, so I guess my question is do I keep the same routine and let the autos keep growing ??


Got to love ILGM customer service!! I would keep her on same cycle as photos, though I’ve never done it, seen it plenty of times on here. Matter of preference IMO, since the auto will flower when ready (typically)

Great job, they look happy and healthy!

Just feed the autos flowering nutes but start quarter strength then increase and whenever ur ready to start flowering the photos the autos will still flower fine with 12/12 good luck.

No point wasting them. Scrog and ride it out.

Yes, keep the same light schedule, won’t affect autos

Let it ride.

Thanks everyone! The autos have flowers everywhere! I haven’t deviated from my nutes schedule, I’ve been feeding them dr jimz chicken soup and they seem to like it, no discoloration of the leaves and the fan leaves are huge, my only concern is if I have enough room for these girls to mature, I’ve seen pics of GG4 feminized plants and they can get huge.
Ps. Since I’m a newbie I have no idea what scrog is


Screen of green.

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