Autoflowers an photos

Call the TV show and they’ll pay for it all and give us limo rides from one house to the other 19

I could get on board with that kind of arrangement :joy:

Oh me either, :100: a joke

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@Buck29048 any issues starting both autos and fems at the same time in the same tent

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No sir @SteveSS396 I actually have grown them together a few times… You grow then jus like normal start at 18 hours n when u ready to flip light jus flip it.

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Yea I really wanna try earthdust I found organic growing much better than synthetic…


Have you or have anyone @SilvaBack203 @Underthestairs @Retiredoldguy @MeEasy @dbrn32
Ok k so I’m mainlining 2 photos an 2 autos . Anyway I go to turn on lights n I’m looking n notice that my gscx auto n my Zkittles auto that I’m not mainlining somehow mainlined themselves in away without all the cutting an banding so check it out

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Beautiful n i did only once my acid rain gave herself a top

That’s cool, yea I notice that’s there is only 1 flower on each stem on my gscx an my Zkittles I guess it’s jus genetics but this going b so cool I hope she stay this way an grows nice big buds on each flower hopefully they going b heavy… It’s funny tho cause originally I was going mainline all my plants this round but didn’t an instead nature did it for me I can’t wait to see how they are going come out

Could be pheno but definitely gonna be a beauty

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Have you ever done anything more than 4 colas?? I’m doing purple Haze fem with 8 colas… first time doing more than 4 for me

Yes my purple haze had a few herself

My purple haze