Autoflowering things to know

What is the fertilizing schedule for Autoflowering plants? Are all Autoflowering seeds feminized?

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Depends on the nutrient line you’re using, unless your making your own?

I mix up my own stuff on the cheap, so I can’t give you specifics really, but I feed my autos the same stuff as my photos. It’s always a good idea to start with less than recommended though and see how your plants like it. It’s a lot easier to add more than to take some out.

Are you growing in soil or media?

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No, I saw the nutrient schedule for what I believe to be regular plants. It gave a detailed schedule of when and how much fertilizer to use. It also gave what fertilizer to use during each stage of development.

With Autoflowering plants maturing so quickly I wanted to know if the Autoflowering fertilizing schedule would be the same or how to adjust the schedule for the quicker growing plants

I am not growing now. Just gathering information for when I do. It seems easier to be prepared than to try to play catch-up.

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Feeding schedule is not a hard and fast rule. You will need to read the plants and adjust. If plants are light green, they’re hungry, dark green, not so hungry.

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Thanks. Do you know if Autoflowering seeds are always feminized?

Autoflower seeds are not always female. ILGM doesn’t sell male seeds, at least when I bought from them.

What @Zee said. You can get reg autos, but only I think I’ve only seen them at one seed bank.