Autoflowering Q?

In your experience - What was the best/easiest Autoflowering strain to grow? Preferably available from the ILGM seedbank. New to growing and seeking information from people who have grown autoflowering strains other then the information provided by seedbank and articles. What strain yielded you the most? What strain was the fastest to harvest? Ect…

I hope to hear from you guys



@Screwauger @bob31
I have no experience with autoflowers. If you’re a first time grower it may be easier to do a photo period strain… but those guys I tagged have grown auto flowers with great results. @Thirty1O96


@Covertgrower I’m growing Gold Leaf (Fem) with success at the moment, which I plan to veg for quite some time to let them reach their potential. Hence why i’m Interested in knowing more about auto flowers basically to get the bud in my bowl quicker among other reasons Eg. The experience. Thanks for the tags!


I have grown ILGM White Widow Autos, they are a sturdy plant, and gave me no real problems. It was my first time ever growing. I got their 10+10 deal on them, just so I could have room for error if any didn’t make, but no errors happened… Seed to harvest 80 to 95 days (grew 8 of them so far)…

I have also grown train wreck and Early Miss autos from elsewhere, a little harder to grow than the widow, but not much. about the same harvest times…

I keep my expectations on autos low, and shoot for 1 oz a plant. But 4 out of 5 times I was closer to 2 oz. This was also my first year growing, so I am sure it will get better.


That’s an awesome job for your first grow! @Ron330 White Widow is one of my favourite strains. Thanks for the review.

What other seed banks have you had success with?


As much as I would love to answer this, out of respect for ILGM, I won’t mention any other banks on their forums… :v:


White widow 100% ak is easy super skunk easy


I am growing 2 blueberry autos currently. Just harvested 2/3 of one of them.
Easy peasy in my opinion.

It’s the only ILGM bean I’ve grown to date and proud to say I have an ample supply. It’s great weed and easy to grow. I used LST ONLY no pinching tweaking lollipoping no nuttin


Hey Ron330, I’m 50 days past germ on 4 WW autos. They’re looking really strong and thick at about 12" high. They’re under 600 full spectrum LED 24/7. I used the veg colors up until a week ago then turned on the full spectrum. Did I do that too early? The growth is impressive. A few leaves are very slightly curling up on the edges. What’s this indicate? I’m just trying to see what I get out of 4. I can’t smoke but a family member needs it bad. lol because I love a garden. I did recently expand my ventilation schedule by about 8 hours.

Ok critique my op please. using light 20/20/20 100% of watering. No yellow tips or weakness showing.

@Usdfndr Not sure if what I do is the right way, but…

I just run veg lights during week 1 (sprout/seedling) at about 50%. After week1 I slowly raise the veg dimmer up over the next week until I am at 100% veg. I let them go a few days, and then start slowly introducing the bloom dimmer over the next week.and am at full power before week 4 starts…

Just the way I do it, lots just go full on the whole grow, others just veg until they see a sign of flower or switch their light schedule. Not sure about your leaves, I would suggest creating a new topic and posting a pic of the leaf (don’t want to hijack @Thirty1O96 thread anymore than needed)…

And just because my first grow is immortalized with an ILGM link, I’ll leave it here if you want to see what they looked like…

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White widow or ak47 are probably the easiest


I think I might put my order in for WW tomorrow. By the sounds of it, it doesn’t dissapoint :call_me_hand:


I watched that video before I bought the seeds. Good show. I just checked mine and looks like they grew two inches overnight. I know that can’t be. They were dry so I split a gallon with mild 20/20/20 into all four. I had one sprout that looked like a mutant for 3 weeks. Didn’t do anything. I kept feeding it though. It is HUGE and like two main stalks really full.
Is my replying inappropriate on this forum? New and don’t want to violate etiquette practices.


your replying is no problem. I just didn’t want to get off topic talking about your leaves in this thread.

And it is possible for a plant to grow an inch or so over night, not every night, but it does happen.


Ak 47. Ilgm strain. Was strong and bold my 1st auto grow.


Thanks for your review @Soilgrowth

Anyone grown Jack Herer? ILGM just added it to there available auto flowers. Looks lovely.

I’ve grown blueberry, Northern Lights, AK47, and cheese autos. All from ILGM except cheese came from sister site. All weren’t difficult to grow, but AK47 was I’d say the “easiest” out of those.