Autoflowering plants’ roots have grown too much and it’s already flowering time

Hi. I have four autoflowering plants growing in coco/perlite under led lights, they’re on their 3rd week of flowering, and I’ve noticed that even though there’s yet no sign of deficiencies suggesting they are root bound (the plants still look healthy) but the roots can be seen on the coco surface (when water splashes at watering them hitting the coco surface, though I do it gently, it removes some of the coco at the surface and thus the roots can be seen as a tangled mass on the surface). Also there are roots sneaking thru the drainage holes of the 11 liter plastic pots I’ve got them planted in. I suspected a problem after I obseved that the coco was drying too quickly and I needed to be constantly watering the substrate with about 1-1,5 L of fsolution per pot every one or two days (letting about 20% solution run-off each watering). During vegetative stage I used to feed them “heavily” once a week (following the Flower Power feeding schedule for soil) and every two days I watered with pH’d water only (ocassionaly I added Ca/Mg/Fe and Clean Drip to the water). In the flowering stage I’m feeding them “heavily” once a week and at 1/4 dose every watering time (every two days). The plants have responded well to this regime.
I am worried for this issue to decrease sitll further the yields I could have with autoflowering plants.
In a first instance I don’t think of transplanting at this stage for the few weeks more they have left.

Any suggestions/criticisms/recommendations, or whatever you might provide?

Best regards.

You can cut the bottom of the pot they are in off and set in another pot with more coco on it, just a suggestion. I see no other alternative at the moment


It’s not that big of a deal honestly just throw some fresh over it it will be ok and yes that’s noreal feeding for coco I go every 3 to 4 days with 3 liters if I only give 2 I have to water every other day so you seem to be on track. They will slow down on drinking around 6 week mark

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