Autoflowering outdoor timing

Lots has changed since long-ago previous experience in N. Cali. Currently in the Deep South usa for family reasons. Curious about autoflowering. Climate here is hot, humid-- in the 85-95F temps and 80-90% humidity during the day, 72-73F overnight lows for four months in summer. Some of the info on the ILGM seed site on autoflowering says that outdoor grows can have shorter seasons and have two harvests, but then some individual strain descriptions say that harvests would be in October, which seems just normal, not short. So I’m confused. Does it produce on a shorter season outdoors or no? Does it vary with the strain? For instance, the Jack Herer Auto description says outdoor harvest late Sept/early October, which doesn’t seem shorter to me. Is that a mistake in the description? The White Widow Auto description doesn’t have any info on outdoor time expectancies. I’m confused. I also would be curious about non-couch-lock strains suitable for this climate.

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In most cases autos will finish in 90days from
Most will flower around second or third weeks from popping
Hope this helps


I’m growing my first plant and seed I bought was auto. I’m really not sure what to expect or when, as my plant does not really respond as folks describe auto-like behavior.

My plant is 53 days/7.5 weeks from breaking soil and she is just now begun flower. ??? How long should I expect the flower stage until harvest. I want to know when to change or apply different nutes for the building of good buds.

Yes, very helpful, thank you!

Not uncommon @mulegal
Had some of my autos show and finish late.

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@mulegal start feed flower nutes now back off on veg nutes