Autoflowering or feminised seeds for beginner

I am a complete newbie when it comes to growing and I want to know am I better off buying feminised or autoflowering seeds. I have read the pros and cons of both but I still can’t decide which one would be better for me as a beginner.

Welcome. First post and you are stirring things up.
A big part of the decision is based on who you are / want to be as a grower. I do not mean to sound new wave psycho bologna. Do you need to control things or are you more “what happens - happens”, you know “It is was it is” sort of approach.
I have not been at it that long, and I started with autos thinking it would be the easiest. I mean, as simple as if I want to run the lights 24 hrs a day and not have to set a timer, what can be easier than that? Turn them on and forget it.
A lot of the other stuff is the same or very close. You can train autos (LST) even HST - topping / FIM. The time frame to do this is compressed when compared to a photo. Nutrients and feeding are the same.
The biggest and primary difference between autos and photos is who dictates the timing of when to start flowering. With autos and its ruderalis genes, flowering starts whenever the plant decides it is time. This can be around 28 days but I have had them go as long as fifty days. This is the take it as it comes part.
I do not know if there is a discernable difference in THC or other attributes you look for in cannabis between an auto or photo. I think the consensus is if you want the most natural strongest growing plant, you grow regular unfeminized seeds and take your chances with sexing the plant. I have not ventured down this road.
As I mentioned, I started with autos. I grew four crops of four plants each time. I still grow a single auto plant in a second space . The experience was valuable in learning the basics of growing, learning how the plant grows (form, structure), and some of the do’s and don’ts. Also, and more importantly just having your hands on the plants and learning the basics of LST. Some grow large natural plants, obviously you need the space and set up for this, I am not one. I grow in a confined space and need to manage the plants to fit into that space. Could I have learned the same lessons starting with photos, Yes I could have.
Initially I think I was intimidated with the thought of growing cannabis and growing an autoflower lessoned the sense of the unknown.
In short, start with whatever you are comfortable with, be it auto or photo. Then, in four months you can try the other. I would recommend a compact strain geared toward beginners. Also, start with a couple of plants. If you are not a gardener or have much experience growing things, read ILGM articles and grow bible. Seedlings and young plants are the most vulnerable. I also really like grow weed easy and coco for cannabis for general info and guidance.
Have you decided what you are growing in? What medium you will use? And, most importantly what LIGHT you will use (beware if you search “Best LED Grow Light”. Amazon has a strong presence and it will often lead you to a poor choice. Search this forum for recommendations based on budget and size of grow space.
Enjoy - I do. Good luck


I never understood why autoflowering plants were recommended for new growers. If you don’t do everything just right you will end up with stunted, small plants. Photoperiod on the other hand, if you make a mistake just veg the plant longer. You can also apply different training techniques that you would not attempt to do with an auto.


I agree with myfriends410 with auto’s a mistake at the wrong time could significantly decrease yeald. For a beginner that can be very discouraging. So my vote is photo for beginners