Autoflowering not flowering

Howdy hope you all are doing well, I always appreciate the help and insight. I started 5 plants back in early July, 2x Grape God’s and 3x 501st’s all were suppose to be 8 week auto flowers. However its been 89 days (more than 12 weeks) and the Grape Gods are dried and into curing but the 3x 501st are showing no signs of flowering. This is only my 3rd grow so I am very new to this. The plants are still growing vertically but the bud sites have looked like this for 3 weeks. I keep the lighting at 20/4, thinking to. going to a 12/12. Am I being to inpatient or are these just a waste if time.
Thanks so much.

Thanks everyone!

They look really healthy and they are ready to flower, my guess is the seeds got mixed up and you received regular photoperiod seeds instead of autoflower seeds. Just switch light to 12/12 and you will be good either way.

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@CMichGrower that makes sense, I can do the flip. Now I have 2 other auto flowers that just started their second week of flowering will the 12/12 mess with them? Thanks

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Nope, that’s the beauty of autoflowers, they like it too.

Some growers use 12/12 light cycle with autoflowers throughout the entire grow.


Looks to be in preflower/flower mode. In the first pic, I think I see a couple pairs of white pistils?

I think you will be fine running at any lighting schedule. Autos do their own thing. Maybe photo mix-up might just be the way the auto is programed.

Nice color on the plant.

Keep up the good work!

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