Autoflowering blueberry kush

@Seamus83, Hello, I don’t myself use nutrients, just some cow manure on top of my soil. I tried some early in the grow but seemed to burn my plants. Flushed that stuff out with lots of water quickly. My compost seems to do the job, I also mix the bottom half of my compost with ground up kitchen scraps, no meat.I bet your going to do fine, if I can grow most anyone can. Hope your night is a great one and Happy growing.

Hi guys how do you all reckon they look now I’ve no upgrading my light too 1000w grow light led 3500k spectrum any help welcome :grin: starting nutrients for flower tomorrow keep it small one biotab pellet

Plants are looking really healthy to me

Cheers great,Would you change the light for flower from 100w to 800watt

@Seamus83, I really not sure, so many other folks can give you better advice. Me personally am going to ask the light guru @dbrn32 for his help when I get my new rooms ceiling done. I think his knowledge in lighting makes him the go to guy for help.

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Hi guys any1 know what’s going on with the leaf marked with red arrow