Autoflower white widow 18 days

are these looking kind of small for on how many days they are using ffof mixed with 20 percent perlite, ff grow big, ff big bloom for right now 430 watt hps, eye hortilux super enchaned bulb, temps are from 72-77 humidity is 41-45 thanks


Here’s my White Widow at 28 days. Viparspectra 300w (150w at the wall). FFOF 77day 65night humidity 45% Bergman’s nutes

They all grow at different rates.

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Is that an autoflower though

Your plants look decent. They will jump in size shortly. I’ve grown WWAs and those look on par with what I grew

Ok wasnt sure if i should of ran my metal halide so i ran the eye hortilux hps super enchanced 430 watt gives it that little bit of blue so i guess will see

Your plants look nice so far. If you want to see how not to treat WWAs, check out my first grow journal

Looks like at least one of them is flowering, that probably won’t get a ton bigger. Did you transplant these recently?

Yes transplanted about 14 days in and now today is day 19 think im done growing autos because i get so many options from people to run mh and then they say hps all the way how could that not grow any bigger its only like 5 inches

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The light is probably not the issue, I suspect a little bit of transplant shock is what you’re seeing…

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So probably wont grow any bigger and wont produce alot of weight

Some of them may. But that one that I seen already flowering isn’t going to grow a lot.

Next time i think i will start them in the 3 gallon pots and no transplant and see how they do, just hope i can get them to sprout in such a big pot

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I don’t really mess with the autos for that reason, or lack of control and flexibility in general. But my understanding is a lot of members have success going start to finish in 3 gallon pots. Try a fabric pot with something like promix that will dry out a little faster maybe.

Got her good and kicked off I see, Hey nice!

For a sec there I thought “dang this dude has a huge grow room”, Then it come clear, the mirror effect that was reflecting was doing job!

LOL got to stop this chronic.