Autoflower, what's wrong

I hate to bug you guys again, but there gotta be something wrong here I’m guessing 1st grow, today is 6th week from sprouting, from what I read should of started flowering by 3-4th week, I know now my light not up to par, 600w philzon actual power 100 w, some suggested I go 12/12 so I switched to that 3 days ago, at advice greatly appreciated

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Dont give up on her. Sometimes they just take a longer time to start flowing. Autos are unpredictable that way. From the same batch of seeds one may start at 3 weeks and another much later.
You have exactly what I would want. I prefer my autos to wait till they veg more before flowing. You have a great looking large plant that when it does switch should produce a lot more than they average autoflower. Looking very healthy too.

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Thanks for the advice, you guys are awesome, one question if you dont mind, should I stay on 12/12 or go back to 18/6, that as high as I can go due to cost, thank again

Stick with the 12/12. 18/6 would be fine too but it looks like its doing fine with your current schedule.
My last grow I did 12/12 from seed to harvest and it was fine.
Its going to stretch up a lot once it starts flowering.
Keep posting progress. We all love a good grow log! :heart_eyes:


She will likely be throwing pistils before too long. You’re in good shape.

Healthy plant, might be an auto but didn’t express the Ruderalis gene in this particular plant. Switching to 12/12 is the best thing to do.

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if there auto flower why are you changing light to 18 6 your going to run your electric bill through the roof I run three 600 watt hps 12 12 and it adds 100 dollars a month to electric bill

She looks like a healthy plant but my vision sucks. Don’t give up. My GSC that I have flowered now and it took 3 months to flower and she was on a 14/10 cycle. Now she looks like she takes steroids weekly.

600 watt hps might raise 30 bucks max… I got 3000 watts only jumped me 120ish
18 and 6 maximizes photons th thesis in autos and maxi.izes your yeild it’s still quite young to expect it to flower yet…12 12 will help induce flower but it may not be mau not be mature yet