Autoflower Week 2 of Flowering Trimming

Hey Guys,

So two of my autos(GG#4 and Bruce Banner) are in 2nd week flowering. First time growing so my lst game isn’t on point yet as GG is getting almost the height of my lights lol. My grow tent is a 2×2×4 so it’s pretty tight with 2 5gal autos and another 2 gal about a week behind but I’m making due lol. My questions are the damn fan leaves and buds below my net line. Should I trim during this stage to provide more light and snip the lower yield grow to provide more energy to the tops or leave it be. I’m also afraid of them

getting taller than my lighting as my lights are damn near at the top of the tent. Please help :pleading_face:

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In only my opinion and you always hear either this way or that way but in my opinion yeah you’re fine trimming some of the bottom leaves but don’t go crazy with it and only do the leaves that are covering Bud sites that’s basically the only ones you want to cut. Maybe 25% of the leaves. Thats just me though. You could also experiment with super cropping if u wanted

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Heres a better picture of the bottom chaos.


Also cut off the bottom leaves that are yellowing and dying off