Autoflower, watering and large pots


I have 3 Northern Lights autoflower that are about 4 weeks old. I germinated them in their final containers (7 gal. Fabric pots/Fox Farms Ocean) and they have been doing excellent. Recently though they seem sensitive to over watering and even small amounts of water makes them droop. Is this something I should be concerned about? How do I go about watering them in the large pots without stressing them out?


I recently ordered auto seeds. Are you saying you put the germinated seed right into the 7 gallon pot? How deep did you burry the seeds? Thank you, I am a beginner.


I soaked seeds 24 hours in ambient tap water then placed 2x the width of the seed or 3mm deep in 7ga. pot.


When you are watering are you checking under the top layer of soil to make.sure they need it?


After you placed seeds in 7 gallon pots did you water the pots and how much? Thanks


I pushed my finger 2+ inches into the soil to make sure it’s dry on this last watering. I even gave half of the normal amount of water and they still seem as though they are weighed down too much.


Keep the soil moist, the humidity high 60-80% and the room warm 75°F. With these conditions I’ve had 100% success rate even with bag seeds. I recommend reading Bergman’s grow bible. It’s free to download on this site and it will tell you everything you need to know to get started.


When you water do you water the whole pot or just around the base of the plant?
I start in peat pots and then transfer to there final container but my seedlings are still very small when I transplant them so it is similar to what you are doing and when I water I only water around the base of the plant but in a circumference about the size of the foliage. I start watering the whole container when they get bigger.
Could be there is still plant of moisture in your pot so even though it is dry a few inches down it might still
be pretty wet further down. Just a thought.


Can you post pictures of your 7 gallon pots please as I am too going to try this method. Thank you


seems like there are lot more issues to watering/feeding on indoor grows. he’s basically got the same set up soil and pot size wise but my out door plants get a half a gal a day and do great with it. could be the warm breezes and sunshine that helps that . Don’t think I have enough brain power left to grow indoors.


I don’t think it’s to bad. I usually only have to water once a week. Just works out that way for me.


hell I try to not get confused when I mix up some nutes for mine! haha.


Dumb way to waste soil energy. Get some bio degradable pot .


The best way to not stress an auto is to let the soil dry at the max. That way, you assure your root will always be in seach for more water, so they’ll extend.
If you overwater your plant, its roots will become lazy and your plant will stay small, and i’m sure you are not looking to get a dwarf plant am i wrong?

I think you already knew it but don’t do transplant with the auto, it is seen by them as a stress factor, so you’ll lose productivity and quality.

I think that as long as you let your plant getting thirtsy, you’ll get the best plant you can. Of course, i’m not talking about overdrying your plant, but just make sure she’ll be really reaching for water when you irrigate.
To check if the soil is dry enough, you’ll just need to weight up your container, and when you’ll feel it light, then it’s time to water!

Hoped to have helped you!