Autoflower vs no vegetative stage photoperiod


I’m new to cannabis all the way around. I’m 50. I started smoking 9 months ago (my first real buzz) for medical reasons and smoking really helps not to mention that being high is great too.

To my question, I have been researching for a few months now and have not found anyone comparing the grow methods. I have very limited vertical grow space 40’’ tall. I need to stay under the radar. LED lights 250w, 36" W x 24" D x 40" H grow box, soil in 3 gallon bags, venting, fans, ph soil tester, filter, ect. I believe I have almost everything in need except seeds, soil, and nutrients. What would be better, autoflower or no vegetative stage on photoperiods? Any pros or cons? Which would yield better, produce higher THC, is easier to grow with the available space?

I feel like a kid with a new toy. Thanks for any advice. Any personal recommendations on a strain for nausea and depression?


Welcome to the community! Couple of things pop-up here …

Do you mean a probe with the moisture meter and lux meter? If so, invest in a BlueLab or Apera pH meter. Much more reliable. Not really cheap, but very good tools. You will need to make sure you water/feed is properly pH’ed.

You will also need a TDS meter to check your PPM’s (parts per million) when mixing nutes, or to check runoff. Cheap on Amazon.

From the floor? A 3 gallon bag is about 9-10" tall.
30" is really short, if that’s the case, which brings me to…

Definitely photoperiod. Autos kinda do their own thing and normally start flower in 3-5 weeks. In a 2’x3’ space, you can train a photoperiod plant to almost fill the area and have a potentially much bigger harvest. At 250w, if it’s true watts, your lights should do pretty good for the space too.

Research what strain you think would be right, or a strain you have had before. ILGM has some awesome genetics. A lot of growers here can help pick strains if you don’t have one picked already too.

Choose a cannabis friendly soil. Fox Farms has some that are preloaded with nutrients, so only pH’ed water has to be added for the first 5ish weeks. Their nutrient line is good too, it’s just a lot of mixing, pH balancing, and flushing.

**Don’t forget patience. Probably the biggest tool you can have. **

Good luck and happy growing!!!


Welcome to the community ! I also vote go with the photo plants. And with limited height you will need to top early 4 or 5 nodes , also do some training. Good luck with your new venture.


Thanks for the wealth of info. You pointed somethings out that I had not realized.

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There is really no such thing as no veg stage on a photoperiod plant. Regardless of your light schedule the plants won’t flower until mature enough to do so. This is usually about 5 weeks or so. From the time plants start producing true leaves until this point your plant would be considered in veg even if running 12/12.


If you have the availablity of clones, that way you put in your pots for a couple weeks, let the roots take and flip to 12/12 on you light schedule.
As long as you have the tools mentioned above you, should have some short pretty girls, with a little training if needed.

Welcome and I would add read up and watch some YouTube videos on LST low stress training you can get some nice plants in a 40 inch space

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My Photoperiods are growing much better than my auto’s(Super Skunk-photo/bruce banner-auto)

The Photo’s are a month old and about 12 inches tall. My auto is 2 weeks old and 4 inches tall. I wouldn’t buy the bruce banner strain again, personally. The super skunk is awesome so far though.
Welcome to this amazing community. So many smart people here that will help you with anything they can!
Happy Growing :slight_smile:

White widow auto good for pain and nausea

Photo period - much more predictable. Autos can flower on you at any time and therefore limits the kind and amount of training.
3 gallon fabric or rain science pots should do the job. I like coco and perlite. I also use Jacks nutrients. No fuss and easy to use and mix. However, coco requires more frequent watering / feeding than soil based mediums. Choice of medium will depend on your availability and commitment.
The number of plants you grow in a 2x3 space depends a lot on how you train them. You can easily fill it up with one plant by training it low and horizontally. Scrogging would help accomplish this. I would think two would be a good fit. Again, they will need to be trained and pruned to be low and flat.
Strain will also be important. Typically Indicas will be more compact growing than Sativas. There are exceptions so be sure to know what the average mature size is. ILGM uses terms like compact, average and tall.
What is the 250w light you mentioned. One designed to have limited clearance would be desired.

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All tips above are right on

  1. Knowing what I know now, I would definitely go with photos Newbie myself and got autos and they do what ever they want, you are kinda at there mercy, well photos you have much more control and seems to me can be trained a little easier without worry about over stressing. In you limited space 3 gallon pots are the way to go. 2nd what are the specs of your light, some companies say things about there lights and they are just not true. Keep us posted and happy growing