Autoflower Vs. Feminized

I’m growing White Widow Fem. Compared to the Autoflower version, How much difference in quality is there? I have read that the Autoflower has lower THC than the regular plants. Is the quality difference worth taking the extra time to grow full term?

I would have to say yes. Autoflowers will pretty much always be noticeably lower in THC than their regular photo-period counterparts. But many people are happy with the strength of autos, in the end it is a personal choice.

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What percentage lower would you say?

Also, yields are considerably lower with autoflowers. By the time feminized seeds are sexually mature and are ready to be induced into flowering (with still another 55-75 days to go), autoflowers are ready to harvest or have already been harvested.

Potency can vary between the autoflowers and their genetic non-autoflower counterparts. Potency also varies between strains. Mazar is a very potent indica and the Mazar autoflower version is still a very potent plant. Whereas the autoflower Purps is considerably less potent than the Original Purps.

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“Purps” being the strain, right? So in your opinion and for all concern the original strain is the best way to go for quality and yield? It seemed to me that going through the “Shop” that the THC difference isn’t all that different from the original strain. So I guess my question is, Is it beneficial with all concerns to go through the full process than taking short cuts? I do understand that the quick product is a satisfiying reward. The sacrifice for a quicker product doesn’t seem all that much of a cost of energy difference.

Looking forward for your reply.

I think the popularity of autos is more because some people in some situations don’t have the room or time, not so much that they are trying to save on cost of energy or just get quick results.

Or maybe some for just the sheer convenience, and maybe they don’t want to learn a lot about training, pruning or other manipulative techniques and they like the kind of set it and forget it simplicity of autos.

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Nothing set and forget about it. They all need love light and nutes. Felt like a new father with my first grow. 3x3x6 tent can only grow so much.

Hey what’s up , I have actually some girl scout cookie extreme and some auto flower verse some feminized seeds I did that a long time ago it’s a much different yield and thc potency by a growers choice. My family I seeds I can really crank up the potency or of really manipulate anything I want it seems like internal and external . So I would have to agree