Autoflower turnaround.. seed to harvest timeline?

I need some persuasion… I’m heavily considering getting some autoflower seeds instead of feminized due to the fact that I understand autoflowers grow faster and are able to be harvested quicker… why would someone want to purchase autos over just regular feminized seeds? And how fast can I go from seed to harvest with autos?

Photos= you control the veg and flower stage, you choose when to flip
Autos= does what it wants, when it wants.


Growing Autos is so boring and you can’t truly rely on them for a 2 lb harvest.

Photos you control everything. I can get 2+ lbs per crop in the same time frame. Long as it isn’t a Kush or Haze. They seem to take much longer to finish.

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Oh really?! I’m growing feminized banana Kush right now. 2lb harvest would be sooooooo great! Didn’t know they were in the same timeframe, I was under the assumption autos were a faster plant… I wonder what the deal about the kush taking longer?
Edit-- really trying to decide what seeds I should be getting…

You won’t get a 2 lb harvest. :joy::joy::joy:

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Here is a summary of the autos I have grown in the past 9 months
WWA - 4 plants 71 - 100 days to harvest. total cured weight 366g
WWA - 5 plants 100 - 106 days to harvest. total cured weight 270. (poor / make shift grow conditions)
Blueberry - 3 plants 88 - 108 days. total cured weight 275
Amnesia Haze - 3 plants 117 - 123 days. total cured weight 282